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December 30, 2007

We Chose....

The 3 Bedroom 2 Bath!

There were a few deciding factors in our decision. The yard is larger and more secluded. It also is covered almost all the way around by 6 foot fences. It also has a more defined Master Bedroom with it's own Bath. It also has a larger Kitchen and driveway which is great because of Josh's vehicle festish. All in all this was just the better option for us. It's definetly going to need some work and we can't wait to customize it!

Here are some additional pictures:

The Kitchen

The Dining Room

The Living Room

The Master Suite



If all goes well and we close we will be rehabbing this one as well for future sale. It's not a quick flip like the others were. This is also going to be our home.

We will be putting in all new carpet and hardwood flooring, painting all walls (after we tear off the wall paper) and even ripping out the wall that sits in between the living room and dining room. We'll stain the cabinets and install new counter tops. We'll add stainless steel appliances and install a tile back splash. We'll trash the existing island and put in a new one. We'll paint the existing doors as they are fairly new 6 panels. Both bathrooms will be gutted and everything will be replaced. All light fixtures and fans will be replaced. The basement will be finished creating 2 new bedrooms/office and a large living area and washer/dryer room. The entire house will be re-sided and we'll extend the deck and the lighting system the deck has. Add some landscaping and repair the fence and we'll be done!

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