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February 21, 2008

Update on St. Charles House

Not much of an update but I know a lot of our family hasn't been informed of everything yet.

Closing was to take place on the 14th. Neither side closed. We don't have the signed Mutual Release yet but we have been informed that the Sellers have no intentions of moving forward with the contract. I spent all day on the 14th with the Title Company making sure they weren't sneaking in their closing. I was so relieved when 4:30 rolled around and nothing had happened.

Both sides are now out of contract and this is good. Josh and I can't move on and look for another house until the MR is signed but that's fine, we have no desire to look now anyway.

Thank You for all your support and well wishes!

Puuuurrr.....Shoe Shopping!

When I graduated from Real Estate School I made a promise to myself. For every Successful Closing I would buy myself a new pair of shoes.

On the 15th, my Sellers and I, closed on my half acre lot listing in the gated, lake community of Raintree in Hillsboro. This was more than just a closing for me because it signified the end of my business in Hillsboro. I have cleared out my listings and closed my Jefferson County buyers and I'm now prepared to move to another office.

Back to the point. Shoe shopping for me doesn't happen often enough. I love shoes though. You would think I have a million pairs but I don't. I have MAYBE 8 pairs. If that. Why? Because I am extremely picky when it comes to shoes. If you look in my closet you'll see Black. Black heels, Black sandals, Black boots, Black slippers. The only "color" I have in my closet are my Wedding shoes and my Tennis shoes.

For my very first closing I bought a pair of Black Peep Toe heels from Target. Actually, I loved them so much that I bought 2 pairs. After my Second closing I bought I cute pair of Black Diba Faux Croc Pattern Heels. After the Third I bought a pair of Diba Black Knee Length Boots. Black, Black, BLACK....Ugh.

I shopped a few times for shoes after my last few closings and each time I end up leaving the store empty handed because I can't find the right shoes! All I kept gravitating towards was Black. I just can't bring myself to buy another pair of Black shoes....So this time I am going to go wild and buy my first pair of animal print shoes. I usually don't spend much on shoes (never more than $25) but I am going to splurge on these. I've saved up due to not keeping my promise to myself on the last few closings.

I shopped online from my bed until about 11 last night. I found so many wonderful shoes! The first two are my favorites so far!

Like these Mossimo Giraffe Peep Toes from Target $24.99:

These Steve Madden Glamor Leopard Print, Pony Hair Pumps $49.99 + Shipping:

Guess by Marciano "Carrielee" Giraffe Print Pumps - $99.99:

Black and White Zebra Pumps - Ebay $20.00 with Shipping:

Oh Deer! "Evita" Cheetah Print, Pony Hair Pumps - $75.99:

Carlos by Carlos Santana "Pounce" Zebra Pump - $97.99:

Mia's "Ericka" Zebra Pumps - $45.49:

February 7, 2008

Congratulations to the Soon to Be Mrs. Twitty!

Aww! I just got this great Digital Card from one of my Best Friends asking me to be her Bridesmaid. She is so talented! She already asked me about a month ago at their Engagement Party but I thought this was so cute!

I am so thrilled for Erica and Brandon. I cannot wait to support them while they walk down the aisle and become a family.

Congratulations! Brandon and Erica!!

February 6, 2008


I am extremely sick, Josh and I just lost the house we were supposed to close on (on the 4th) and now I am faced with some very difficult career related decisions. I need to find an office to transfer to. I cannot remain in Festus. I only went there to support my co-workers in there move. I haven't even unpacked my files or little Molina bobble head yet...

I am now residing in Chesterfield for who knows how long. A few months, a year? Josh and I aren't sure of we want to buy anything right now. We don't need to. We could stay here, save a little more and wait for a great deal to come up....

I just can't decide. Chesterfield is home for me. When I moved from WA, it was to Chesterfield 10 years ago. I went to High School at Parkway Central. I know know the schools, the roads and the Real Estate. I just got so comfortable in my office. My co-workers are like family and my office was so small.

All I can seem to think about is the sheer amount of Agents in Chesterfield Offices. How do the Brokers have time for everyone? All the questions and problems? Who handles them? I always had the one on one time I needed with my Broker. Will I have it anywhere else? The Ballwin/Chesterfield Office has 82 Agents. The Chesterfield West Office has 116 Agents. The Chesterfield/Wildwood Office has 141 agents. That's a FREAKING TON of Chesterfield Agents.

I have considered the Des Peres/Kirkwood Office. I use this Office A LOT to fax and meet with clients. They currently have 93 Agents listed. I like this office but I am not as familiar with the area and schools as I am in Chesterfield.

This is going to be such a hard decision for me. It's completely stressing me out. I need to make it soon. I have to transfer over my business. I am hoping after meeting with a few offices it will just click and I'll just know where I need to be. I wish it was that easy.....

February 2, 2008

She Cooks in Stilettos

I finally got around to re-vamping my Cooking Blog. I started that blog before I started this one and it seems to have taken a back seat. I love to cook. It's a release for me and I am so disappointed in myself that I haven't done anything with it.

Now, that it has a whole new look I am going to start blogging again. I have tried some new recipes and taken a few pictures and when I get my camera dock from MIL's this weekend I'll upload some pictures. I'll also be adding my recipes over from Bake Space. I wont have many pictures for them but at least there will be some more recipes and reviews to read.

Bon Appetite!

February 1, 2008

I'm a Snow Hater!

I am excited about the snow now but that's because I haven't been out in it yet. I wont lie. I despise snow. I love looking at it through a window and watching the kids play in it. I hate driving around in it and walking in it. Snow is dangerous. Josh almost hit a tree coming in off of Conway last night on his way home. There have been accidents everywhere. Drivers in Missouri can't drive in rain let alone snow! I really wish it never snowed. I don't dream for a white Christmas every year. I pray it doesn't happen.

I am estimating we got about 6-7 inches. Maybe more. I refuse to go out and check until I get ready to leave the house. I took some pictures of it and I'll try and get them uploaded tonight.