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January 28, 2009

FREE 2 Year Subscription to Working Mother Magazine

Since I dropped the ball on alerting you to the Free 1 Year of Martha Stewart Living (shame on me) I thought I'd make sure my blog readers got in on this one. is giving you a FREE 2 Year Subscription to Working Mother Magazine for giving them a simple product review on your handbag. Go here to sign up and claim yours! This will be my fourth subscription through and I've always been happy. No credit card required and you will not be billed!

January 9, 2009

Late Friday Musings

This will be the First Edition of Friday Musings for me.

* I'm seriously considering trying the Master Cleanse again. Last year a attempted it but caved before the end. DH and I are setting up our home gym this weekend and are both not only going on a diet but are going to start a workout routine together. I have been playing with the idea of doing the cleanse again to prep for this. I keep telling myself I could have made it all the way last time. I really don't remember it being that hard and I felt so good after completing only part of the cleanse. I didn't lose any weight except for water weight but it wasn't the point. I just can't decide...

* I STILL don't have all the Christmas decor down. I'm not even kidding. I don't know what is with me. DH always makes fun of me because he thinks I'm the biggest procrastinator when it comes to certain things. When I lived with my Dad and it was just him and I in our condo we would leave our Christmas tree (fake I might add) up until March. I was a busy with high school, friends and work and the same with him, so it took forever for one of us to take it down. Hey, at least I did manage to get the tree down right after New Years!

* The weather was awesome today. I wish it was going to be like this tomorrow because I didn't get a chance to wash my car and every car wash I've been to in the last year sucks.

* I am in serious need of something to make Cowboy stop chewing on everything. I've had it up to here :: throws hand above head as far as it can go:: with his destructive behavior. Not only does he chew but he makes the biggest messes. He drinks out of any cup left within his reach, including coffee. He will drink the soapy water out of the sink when I am soaking dishes even after he is finished drinking an entire bowl of water. He chews the lid of the garbage can. He eats Lego's and he barks at everything. I work and work and work with him to no avail! He is smart too. He does all of this when no one is home or we are in bed. Little stink. I can't wait for the day when I can leave a box of Kleenex on the table and come home to find it untouched or when I can leave something on the counter without worrying about it being dragged off and destroyed.

* This week seemed to draaaaaaag by. Maybe because I've had so many days off the last few weeks. Either way, I'm so glad it's Friday and I can finally relax!

January 7, 2009

Take that rude Cashier!

Walgreen's isn't always a breeze. I know that but for the most part I have been blessed to have a few awesome Walgreen's close to my house. My favorite Walgreen's of all time is where I planned to try my hand at the Garnier deal. There is no way I would have trouble. Right? Wrong!

I grabbed I filled my cart with 20 shampoos, conditioners and styling products, 15 papers, 3 Glade Candles and gum because my family tore through the last few packs I bought. Head to checkout and was told they were putting limit (of one) on the items per coupon. Since when? Whatever, I'll just grab 19 more booklets with Garnier coupons in them and use the coupons that have the same freaking UPC code as the one in my hand. She said no. Fine. I'll do 19 more transactions and keep the line backed up and we can be here all day because you wont follow corporate coupon policy. Then she has the nerve to say "It's just to early". Are you kidding me? Because I chose not to come at 8 tonight I am being denied? Now I know that's not Wags policy. I proceeded to ask for corporates number and she said she didn't have it. I said "Don't worry, I have it in my phone. I just wanted to see how rude you really would be so I could get you in more trouble with corporate". Her mouth dropped open and I walked out as I said "Have fun putting everything back"!

Then I headed up the street to another Walgreen's and bought everything on my list without a hitch. The beauty counter cashier was a nice as always and made sure to let me know she ordered extra Garnier so all her coupon loving customers could partake in the free loot!

I made two phone calls to corporate that day. One to complain and one to praise. One of those cashiers had a bad day and the other one left with a smile. I then donated more than half of what I bought. What comes around, goes around.

So, what did I get?

(20) Garnier Shampoos, Conditioners and Styling Products

Final Price = FREE after Q's

3 Glade 4 oz. Jar Candles

Final Price = $.50 each after coupons and Easy Saver Rebate

(3) packs Extra Gum

Final Price = $.99 after Easy Saver Q

15 Newspapers = $22.50

I used a $5/20 purchase coupon to make the papers cheaper. I paid $17.50 instead. Then I turned around and sold the coupons (or rather my time to cut and ship them) from all the inserts on ebay for a profit of $30 and counting. Ah, I puffy heart ebay!

January 4, 2009

If you haven't already....

Go grab the Sunday Paper. Even better though, grab 10. It's rare to see 3 inserts in one paper let alone FIVE!!! There are 3 Smart Sources and 2 Red Plums with over 200 coupons. I think I calculated 248 or so. They are stacked with Garnier coupons, Buddies coupons, Aquafresh, Green Giant, General Mills etc....For the full list please visit Taylortown Preview.

January 3, 2009

Walgreen's Deals Week of 1/4

Walgreen's Deals for January 4th through January 10th

Garnier Fructis Hair Care on Sale $3.99
(excludes conditioning treatments)
*Use $2 Easy saver Coupon
*Use $1/1 Shampoo or Conditioner Coupon or $1/1 Styling Product Coupon

Final Price = FREE

Reynolds Wrap Foil reg. priced $1.99
*Use In Ad Coupon on page #7
*Use $1/1 Coupon from 11/16 SS

Final Price = FREE

Dawn Dish Detergent on Sale $.99 (with 7 day in ad coupon)
*Use $.50/1 from 12/14 P&G

Final Price = $.49

Palmolive Dish Detergent reg. price $1.79
*Use $1/1 Super Q on page 12
*Use $.50/1 from 1/4 SS

Final Price = $.29

Electrasol Gel Pack 20ct. on Sale $3.49
*Use $2.50/ coupon from 1/4 SS
*Submit for $1.50 January Easy Saver rebate (limit 1)

Final Price = $.51 Overage!

Glade January Easy Saver Rebate Match-up
Note: Reminder that the Glade ESR is a limit of 4 for $4 in savings. You can mix and match but for time saving purposes I did the math as if you were going to buy 4.

Glade Scented Oil Plug In Refills on Sale 2/$5 (buy 4)
*Use (2) BOGO Free coupons from 12/7 RP
*Submit for 4 $1 rebates

Final Price = $.25 each

Glade Scented Oil Candle Refills on Sale 2/$5 (buy 4)
*Use (2) $2.50/2 refills coupons from 12/07 SS
*Submit for 4 $1 rebates

Final Price = $.25 each

Glade 4 oz. Jar Candles on Sale 2/$5 (buy 4)
*Use (4) $1/1 coupons from 12/07 SS
*Submit for 4 $1 rebates

Final Price = $.50 each

January Free After Rebate Deals

Orajel Cold Sore Treatment (brush or patches) = $8.49
*Use $1/1 coupon from 10/26 SS
*Submit for full January Easy Saver rebate (limit 1)
*Submit for $8 manufacturer mail in rebate

Final Price = $9 Money maker!

Revlon Matte Collection
(limit 1 up to $10 so Rebate varies)

Revlon Matte Collection Blush or Eyeliner = $9.99
*Use $1/1 coupon from 12/7 SS
*Submit for full January ESR

Final Price - $1 Money Maker!

Revlon Matte Collection Eyeshadow = $4.99
*Use $1/1 coupon from 12/7 SS
*Submit for full January ESR

Final Price - $1 Money Maker!

Revlon Matte Collection Lipstick = $7.99
*Use $1/1 coupon from 12/7 SS
*Submit for full January ESR

Final Price - $1 Money Maker!

AutoExpressions Vent Fresh Elite Auto Airfreshner = $4.99 (has free refill q inside)
*Submit for full January Easy Saver rebate (limit 1)

Final Price = FREE

January 2, 2009

Walgreen's Trippin

(6) Dawn Dish Detergents reg. priced $1.99 = $7.96
*Used $1/1 7 Day In Ad coupon
*Used (6) $.50/1 coupons

Final Price = $2.94

(6) packs of Extra Gum = $1.98
*Used 3/$.99 Easy Saver Coupon

Final Price = $1.98
Note: This is a fabulous filler item for this month. I needed a filler item to eat my overage and multiple coupons.

Glade Dewberry Dreams Candle Holder on Clearance = $3.19
*Used $2.50/1 coupon

Final Price = $.69
~ As if I need anymore of these. I have 20 or so. I just couldn't help it!

(2) Garnier Fructis Styling Products on Clearance $2.19 = $4.38
*Used $2/1 Easy Saver Coupon
*Used $1/1 Garnier Styling Product Coupon

Final Price = $1.62 Money Maker!

Total Before Coupons = $17.51

Total Spent OOP = $3.99!!

Sure, I'll let you pay me to shop at your store!

This is what happens when you don't use coupons until right before they are set to expire. I had over 50 coupons expiring on the 31st and I knew I had to get out and use them regardless of how I looked purchasing a dozen rolls of toilet paper and enough veggies to feed a small army. I sucked it up and went though and this is what I came back with!


(12) White Cloud 4 pack (double roll) toilet paper reg. priced $2.00 = $24.00
*Used (12) $1/1 coupon

Final Price = $12.00

(22) Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers (new) reg. price $1.00 = $22.00
*Used (22) $1/1 coupon

Final Price = FREE!

(5) Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta reg. priced $1.50 = $7.50
*Used $1/1 coupon

Final Price = $2.50

(8) Assorted Goody Ouchless Hair items reg. priced $2.12 = $16.96
*Used $2/1 Goody Ouchless printable

Final Price = $.96

Cute Shirt that I just had to have...$6. A reward to myself for such savvy shopping!

Total Before Coupons = $76.46

Total Spent OOP = $21.46!!

I used 47 coupons total in this transaction and it actually required management approval! The people in line behind me were not happy! I couldn't help but laugh at how mad they got. People have no patience these days. I told you I had coupons and yet you still chose to put your things down and stand in line with me. Don't hate!


(4) Glade Scented Oil Candle Holders on Sale $3.99 = $15.96
*Used (4) $2.50/1 coupons from recent insert
*Submitted for $1/1 Easy Saver Rebate (Limit 4)

Final Price = $1.96

(5) Robitussin and Dimetapp Cold Meds on Sale $4 each = $20.00
Paid $20.00 (plus tax) and received 1 $10 RR and 2 $5 Register Rewards

Final Price = FREE!

Revlon Matte Eye Shadow = $4.99
*Used $1/1 Revlon coupon
*Submit for $4.99 January Easy Saver Rebate

Final Price = $1 Money Maker!

Orajel Cold Sore patches = $8.49
*Used $1/1 Orajel Coupon
*Submit for $8.49 January Easy Saver Rebate
*Submit for $8 Orajel Manufacturer Mail in Rebate

Final Price = $9 Money Maker!

(2) Blistex Chapsticks on Sale $.99 = $1.98
*Used (2) $.25/1 coupon

Final Price = $1.48

Total Before Coupons, RR and Rebates = $51.42

Total Spent OOP = NOTHING! I made $6.56!!

Goodbye 2008! Hello New Year!

I couldn't be more happy to start the New Year. These last few months have been extremely trying on me, my marriage and my family. I look back at all that happened and though we created some wonderful memories in 2008, it also brought a lot of grief. I have to say, it's definitely made us stronger and I wont forget that. I'm hopeful 2009 will bring joy, happiness and lots of possibilities.

I almost thought we wouldn't make it in one piece. Yet here we are, ringing in the New Year!

Our New Years Resolution? We have one. Make 2009 better than 2008!