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August 30, 2008

My Lesson in Fruganomics

Last night I checked one of my favorite blogs, Money Saving Mom and found this wonderful post. It's basically a guide on how to get paid for shopping at Walgreens. Paid? For shopping? No way! I was sucked right in a spent at least an hour trying to figure out how I could pull this off!
So this morning I headed to Walgreens with my $10 off $40 purchase coupon and my arsenal of other random coupons. I grabbed a August Easy Saver coupon booklet in the front of the store and went on my way. After grabbing the items I wanted that were advertised as FREE after rebate I had to load my basket with a few more items so my total ran over $40.00.

Here was my "scenario":

* Walgreens Soft White Light Bulbs 4 pack = $1.99
* (2) BioInfusion Conditioner @ $5.99 Each = $11.98
* Chemistry Hair Tonic = $7.99
* Jane Powder Brush = $4.99
*Feria Hair Color = $8.99
* Colgate Total Toothpaste = $1.99
* Deer Field 2% Milk = $3.39
* (2) Nivea Mens Hydrating Face Gel @ $1.79 each = $3.58

Total without Coupons = $44.90

Used $10 off $40 purchase Coupon
Used 1 $3/1 Chemistry Coupon from August Easy Saver
Used $2/1 Feria Man. Coupon from August Easy Saver
Used $2/1 Feria Man. Coupon (printed off website) ~ I almost didn't think she would take this coupon and combine it with the ES Man. coupon but she did! Woohoo!

Total minus Coupons = $27.90

Walgreens Light Bulb Rebate = $1.99 ~ That's FREE AFTER REBATE
Jane Mineral Powder Brush Rebate = $4.99 ~ That's FREE AFTER REBATE
BioInfusion Conditioner Rebate = $11.98 ~ That's FREE AFTER REBATE

Total OOP after Rebates = $8.94

No to shabby if you ask me. While I didn't get paid to shop I sure got a lot of products for a great price. I also am opting to recieve my rebate back in the form of a gift card I will be getting back 10% more just for choosing this option and that will bring my total OOP to less than $8. My plan is to stack up earnings on the gift card and use the gift card to purchase next months products and so on. Next month if I jump on board before all the FREE After Rebate products have all been scooped up, I should have enough in FAR products to reach the $40 limit and paired with any coupons I can find, I'll be getting paid to shop or I'll at least get it all free minus sales tax! That Rocks!

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