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March 29, 2009

Back in the Game

After the incident with the last Garnier deal I actually stopped couponing. I let lots of coupons expire and didn't walk into a Walgreen's in almost a month. It took me a long time to get back in the game and I'm very glad I did. I managed to get back in at the right time too. Just in time for the next Garnier and Glade deals. I have accumulated so much stuff the last few weeks I can't even fit it all on my kitchen table let alone the frame of my camera. So I fit in what I could but I'll add every item from every deal in my description. Lots of these products gave overage which helped me purchase other products.


20 Garnier Shampoo, Conditioner and Styling Products on Sale $2.99
*Used 20 $1/1 coupons
*Used $2/1 ESQ
Final Price = FREE

20 Glade Sense & Sprays on sale $7.99
*Used 20 $4/1 coupons
*Used 20 $4/1 ESQ's
Final Price = FREE

4 Glade Soy Candles reg $5.99
*Used 4 $4/1 IP's
*Used 4 $2/1 ESQ's from April Booklet
Final Price = FREE

20 Soy Joy Bars on Sale $1/2
*Used $3/10 coupon
Final Price = $2/20

9 packs of Extra & Orbit Gum
*Used $.99/3 ESQ
Final Price =$2.97
Note: I used these as fillers to use my multiple Garnier and Glade coupons.

2 Cashmere Softsoap Bodywashes on Sale $3.99
*Used $1/1 from All You
Final Price = $2.99 for 2
Plus I have another RR for a free SoftSoap that I'll roll and roll and roll!

2 Cherry Cokes + 2 Hershey's Candy Bars
*Used BOGO coupon
*Received free candy bar with each Coke (promotion)
Final Price = $1.39 for 2 Cokes and 2 Candy Bars

1 100% Naturals Chapstick on Sale $1.99
*Received $2.00 RR
Final Price = FREE after RR


1 Nature's Source Cleaner on Sale for $2.89
*Used $1/1 IP
*Used $1/1 Target Printable
Final Price = $.89

4 184 ct. packages of Huggies Gentle Care Wipes on Sale $5.49
*Used 4 $5/1 IP's
Final Price = $1.96/4

2 Pledge Aerosols on Sale $3.25
*Used $3/1 IP
Final Price = $.50/2


10 4 lb. bags of Iam's Smart Puppy on Sale $10/2 but mine rang up $4.50!!!
*Used 10 $5/1 coupon
Final Price = $5.00 PROFIT!

1 Suave Lotion reg. $2.88
*Used Free coupon from Suave Promotion
Final Price = $.12 Overage because cashier didn't adjust!

10 Buddies Soaps reg. $.97 each
*Used Multiple $1/1, $2/2 and $3/3 IP's
Final Price = $.30 Overage!

1 Xtra Laundry Detergent reg. $2.88
Final Price = $2.88

1 Snuggle Creme Softener reg. $4.00
*Used $2/1 IP
Final Price = $2.00

16 Johnson & Johnson Body Care Lotions reg. $.97
*Used 16 $1/1 coupons
Final Price = $.48 Overage!

and I'm off to do a little more shopping!

Coupon Sources

I often get asked where I get all my coupons. I also see this question being asked on message boards frequently. I thought it might be a great idea to share my coupon sources with my readers. These days with papers going out of business and inserts slimming down. Even though inserts are a coupon users primary source, thankfully we are not limited to them.

I always browse my local ads in advance. Lots of Money Saving Forums (more on that later) will release ads early to help you prepare in advance for sales and then I collect or purchase coupons accordingly. So where do I get mine? Just about everywhere!

* Newspaper Inserts: P&G, Valassis and RedPlum. Because inserts differ regionally you can see what may be in your inserts at least a week in advance but you usually never know for sure until you get your paper on Sunday.

* Ebay: This is my primary source for buying in bulk. Just type in the coupon you are looking for and your bound to find dozens of Sellers with this coupon available. Shipping costs vary (sometimes they are free) and you can find lots of 1-100. I've purchased hundreds of coupons via Ebay without a problem and highly recommend it.

* This is not only a source for coupons but a insert pre-view source, a place to find local store sales and it even has it's very own forum. I'm in the process of ordering my first set of coupons from them. I was recommended to them by a forum member recently. Please visit their About Us page. They are an amazing team and I can't wait to complete my first order with them!

* This is an amazing website. You can preview the upcoming inserts AND order coupons. I have never went this route but I use this website a lot to preview inserts and plan sales. The only downside is not all coupons from all inserts are available to purchase. Taylortown also has a Master List of all un-expired coupons that come in handy when planning deals.

* My primary source for printable coupons. Just Register, download their Coupon Printer and start saving! Coupons are added frequently so make sure to always check for updates. Maximum prints is 2 per offer, per computer.

* A Printable only coupons source. The downside is they have almost the same coupons as and If you print something from and try and print here it's a no go. No double printing. Bummer. Don't count it out though and check regularly for new coupons.

* Bricks or Bricks is a coupon printing service that manufacturers use. Bricks can be a pain and to be honest I am still not 100% sure how this website works. When you print coupons from or other manufacturer websites it's seems as though Bricks supports them. You can go to the main page and directly link to manf. websites for coupons. Users often have trouble printing from Bricks using certain browsers though. I have to change part of each address to correctly print my coupons and I use Firefox.

* Forum Trades and Auctions: I'm still very new to this but it's a great way to get coupons you want and get rid of those you will not use. Hot Coupon World and A Full Cup both have trade sections where you can sell, trade, auction off and bid on coupons.

How do you get your coupons?

March 28, 2009

Physician's Formula Deal at Walgreen's

On the 29th the New April Easy Saver Catalog will be released. Inside is a Physician's Formula offer for a $10 rebate when you buy $10 worth of products from their Organic line. After some price checking it seems as though the mascara is going to be the best bet. Their bronzer, powder, blushes and veils are priced anywhere from $12.99 -$14.99 but my local Walgreen's has their Organic Wear Mascara priced at $9.99. Use the $1/1 coupon from the 2/22 Smart Source and submit for a $10 rebate + plus 10% on your card!

To make this deal sweeter grab a package with a hot pink peelie on it. The peelie is a "Try Me Free" rebate offer!

Hot Coupons!

$2.00 Snuggle Creme Coupon ~ These are priced at $4.00 at Walmart and Target making them $2.00 each with coupon

Buy 2 Get One Diet Pepsi Coupon ~ Can be used this week at Walgreen's for the 6/$9 Deal

$1/1 Johnson & Johnson Buddies Printable

$2/2 Johnson & Johnson Buddies Printable

$2/2 Johnson & Johnson Shampoo, Conditioner and Buddies Printable ~ Buddies are regularly priced at $.97 and Walmart and Target making them Free (or $.03 overage if your Target and Walmart don't adjust them down)

$1/1 Cottonelle Coupon ~ Create yor own Pledge and print! Highest Value Cottonelle Coupon available

$2/1 Kashi TLC Soft Baked Bars Printable ~ Usually on sale at Target for $2.75 making them only $.75 a box!

$1/1 Johnson & Johnson's Body Care Product Printable ~ The 2 oz. size (not the trial) is carried by Walmart for $.97 (found in the adult lotion and body care section) and Walgreen's for $.99.

$5.00 any Brita System Printable ~ Register and Print! I recently bought my Brita Slim Pitcher at Walmart for $2.97 when I used this $5.00 off coupon!

FREE Diet Dr. Pepper Coupon ~ You can choose a 2 liter or 20 ounce. This coupon will be mailed to you.

$3.50 Purina Product Printable ~ Fill out the form and register for your coupon. Use it at Walmart for FREE Purina Kit & Kaboodle Cat food reg. priced at $3.47 or any Purina dog food.

You can print off 2 of each (with the acception of the Dr. Pepper). After printing the first coupon hit your back button and print again!


NEW $2 Glade Fragrance Collection Coupon

Shortly after I posted the Glade Fragrance Collection Soy Candle deal and the $4/1 coupon link the print limit was reached. They have released a new $2/1 coupon. Get yours before they are gone.

Nature's Source Deal at Target

Target has Nature's Source Cleaner regularly priced around $3.00.
*Use $1/1 Target Printable
*Use $1/1 Nature's Source Printable

Final Price = Around $1

Nature's Source is a plant based and bio-degradable cleaners. Well worth the $1!!! I'll be purchasing tons of these!

Walgreen's Deals Week of 3/29

Chapstick True Shimmer or 100% Naturals on Sale for $1.99
*Receive $1.99 in Register Rewards
Final Price = FREE

Diet Pepsi 12 pks. on Sale 4/$11
Buy 6 - 12 packs
*Use B2G1 Printable
*Receive $3 in Register Rewards
Final Price = 6/$9
This deal will only work with Diet Pepsi Regular and Flavored. Two of the packs MUST be flavored because the coupon says Buy 2 Diet Get One Flavored.

Soy Joy Bars on Sale $2/1
Buy 10
*Use $3/10 from 2/22 SS
Final Price = $2/10 or $.20 each

Glade Soy Candles reg. price $5.99
*Use $4/1 printable
*Use $2/1 April Easy Saver coupon on page 21
Final Price - FREE

Reynolds Foil on Sale $.89
*Use $1/1 from 2/8 SS
*Use $.89 In Ad Coupon on page 3
Final Price = $.11 Overage

SoftSoap Body Wash
*Use $1/1 from All You Mag
*Receive $3.99 Register Reward for a free SoftSoap
Final Price = Varies!
This may roll and roll and roll. Making you the owner of dozens if not hundreds of washes. This may not roll making it $3/2 or $1.50 each.

Equal 100 ct. on Sale $5/2
*Use 2 $2.50 from 1/4 SS
Final Price = FREE

Skintimate Shave Gel on Sale $2.99
*Receive and $2.99 Register Reward
Final Price - FREE
Note: Still working out exact details on this deal. Will update.

Cottonelle 4 packs on Sale $5/2
*Use 2 $1/1 Printables from Cottonelle (create your own pledge to print coupons)
Final Price = $3/2

Coke 20 ounce.
Buy 2 Cokes and 2 participating Hershey's Candy Bars
*Use BOGO printable from Coke Rewards
*Get 2 Candy Bars free with Coke purchases
Final Price = YMMV
2 Cokes and 2 Candy Bars for the price of a coke (whatever your 20 ounce Coke store price is)
This is YMMV. You may only be able to get 1 Candy Bar because your techinically paying for only 1 Coke.

Don't have the BOGO coupon? Here is how to get it. You have to go to My Coke Rewards and create an account. Then if you enter the code 100869373819 you will be able to print 1 coupon for B1G1 Free 20oz Coke at Walgreen's!

What deals will you be taking advantage of this week at Wags?

March 21, 2009

My Favorite Money Saving Forums and Blogs

There is absolutely no way I would be able to save as much as I have without the help of some amazing sites and blogs. I use them for hot deal alerts, money saving tips, freebie alerts and more. These sites have taught me how to utilize coupons and how to save the most at my local stores. I've learned about stockpiling, doubling coupons, how to make the most out of Walgreen's etc...

Here are my favorites. If you haven't been to them it's a must you check them out! I hope these sites help you as much as they have helped me! This is my primary forum. I visit daily for ad previews and deal alerts. I credit this forum from teaching me the Wags ropes and keeping my up to date on all the most fabulous deals. I just joined AFC but I'm already loving it. They just launched their new layout and it's amazing!
Money Saving Mom
Penny Pinching Diva
Common Sense with Money
From Wags to Riches
Keeping the Kingdom First
The Domestic Diva
The "Cents"ible Sawyer
Deal Seeking Mom
I Heart Wags
Coupon Cravings
My Precious Pennies
Be Cents Able
Swag Grabber
Bargain Briana
Thrifty & Chic Mom
The Thrifty Mama

What sites and blogs do you use?

March 20, 2009

FREE Glade Fragrance Collection Soy Candles at Walgreen's

Glade has a fabulous new coupon out for $4.00 off any one Candle or Reed Diffuser from The NEW Fragrance Collection! First, go here to print your coupons. You can print two just hit the back button after the first one prints. Then hold on to them until the 29th when Walgreen's releases their April Easy Saver book where you can find a $2/1 coupon for the Soy Candle. These candles are regularly priced at $5.99 so you can get yours free with both coupons.

The Soy Candles come in McIntosh Apple, Earthly Awakening and Orange Vanilla.
The Reed Diffusers comes in Currants & Acai, Sheer White Cotton and Lotus Bamboo.

Make sure to print your coupons soon because these kind of coupons go fast!

Thank You to Penny Pinching Diva for the info on this amazing deal!

Updated to add: This is a YMMV deal. Some Walgreen's shoppers are reporting different prices on the candles. As for the Reed Diffusers. There is a $3/1 coupon in the Easy Saver right above the $2 coupon and my local Walgreen's has them price anywhere from $8.99-$9.99. A good deal for diffusers but not free. I'm guessing if we hang on and wait the diffusers will come on sale.

March 18, 2009

Loved your new Glade Sense & Spray? Want one free?

I'm sure most of you got your Glade Sense & Spray at Walgreen's the last few weeks while they have had them free, right? Good. Well email P&G here and tell them how much you liked their product and get a coupon for one FREE Glade Sense & Spray Starter Kit (up to $10).

I wrote them and complimented them on my Sense & Spray and It took less than a week for my coupon book to show up in my mailbox!

This are the coupons I received:
* FREE Glade Sense & Spray Starter Kit (up to $10)
* Save $.55 on ANY Windex Multi-Surface Cleaner
*Save $1.00 on ANY Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel
* Save $1.00 on Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer
* Save $1.00 on Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber Starter Kit
* Save $1.00 on ANY Pledge Furniture Care Product
* Save $1.00 on Ziploc Brand Bags Vacuum Starter Kit
* Save $1.00 on ANY Glade Fabric & Air Odor Eliminator
* Save $1.00 on ANY Glade Scented Oil Candles Holder
* Save $1.00 on ANY 7 ounce Edge, Eclipse, Vault or Energy Shaving Gel

All Coupons Expire August of 2009

March 13, 2009

Old Navy Weekly can kiss it! At least for this week anyway

A admit it. I'm one of the many (hundreds of thousands) of people who couldn't resist Old Navy Weekly's enticing deals. I am also now one of the many p*ssed of people who spent countless hours on this website only to not come out with the coupon I wanted in hand.

If you haven't heard Old Navy Weekly is a micro site that each week releases thousands of unbelievable coupons and amoung them happens to be a $75 off a $100 purchase coupon!

Here is the list of coupons you can generate:
5% (unlimited)
10% (unlimited)
20% (10,000 unique codes)
$10 off $100 (5000 unique codes)
$50 off $100 (3500 unique codes)
$75 off $100 (1000 unique codes)

These coupons are found by "hunting" which means going crazy and clicking on anything possible until a coupon comes up. They are hidden all over the main page of ONW and in the SuperModelquins Video you can play located at the left bottom corner. Each coupon is a one use coupon with a special barcode to be used in store only.

This site resets itself and adds new coupons each Thursday. Last week it was around 7 Central with no official word of when it may be this week. I'd been hearing a buzz anywhere from 12:01 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. but no one was for sure. At 11:00 p.m. on Wednesday night I started my quest to enter the site. It hadn't yet been updated and at about 12:10 a.m. I went to bed. When I woke up the site was still the same as last week and hadn't been reset. When I left for work it was still the same. As I am pulling out of the driveway I call my Mom and ask her to watch the site. She logs on and the screen that notifies you that they are hiding coupons came up! I was so close to calling off work. Thankfully, I made it home in time to log on before the site reset itself. I waited almost 2 hours and at 7:35 on the dot I refreshed and the site came up. I started hunting. I found the $50/$100 immediately in the apple in the girls hand. I want the $75 though! I started the video and when the ring scene came up I clicked on the ring and POW! There it was $75 OFF!! I grabbed it and right as it started generating the coupon it kicked me off the entire site! What?!?!? %#*&@*#^*#! I was peeved! I didn't even have time to hit Prt-Scr to get a coupon for verification that I got the $75.

Long story (and a lot of cursing) short. I waited for 3 1/2 hours to get back in, hitting refresh every 15 minutes or so. Finally when I did get back in and grabbed the $50/$100 and a $5/$25. By then the $75's were gone.

This is exactly what happened last week. Too many users on a site that couldn't handle it.

This week the Members of certain forums have been massively posting/blogging and it's safe to say most are pretty upset about how ON has handled this and how easily the site went down when they had to have anticipated that amount of people logging on.

ON says they are honoring those who were lucky enough to get a Print Screen shot of whatever coupon they won. We'll see though. Some Members are still waiting on their promised coupon from last week.

Where are all the coupons hidden?

Here is the List:
$75 off $100 (GONE) with purchase of a dress - Movie: ring, man's broken finger/hand, or dress at the end
$50 off $100 (GONE) with purchase of a dress - Top Right: peach in woman's hand
$5 off $25 when it's raining outside - Bottom Right: dog
$5 off $25 when it's raining outside - "*trend spotter" banner in upper right
$5 off $25 when it's sunny outside - Top Left: bird flying in background
$5 off $25 when it's sunny outside - Trees right of Kelly's dress
10% off purchase - Bottom Middle Picture: girl in blue sweater
10% off with purchase of a floral dress - "Kelly's" floral dress
$7 off with purchase of a women's and a girl's dress - Bottom Right: little snail crawling under girl and dog
$5 off with purchase of a women's dress and a girl's dress - Bottom Right: girl wearing dress

If you would still like a lower amount coupon the site is still up. I recommend going and checking it out and even printing off a coupon to get the hang of how things go before you try next week. If there is a next week anyway. I'm trying to find this out and will update when I do.

Until then I think the general consensus is Old Navy sucks.

No Longer MIA

I can't even bring myself to check on how long it's been since I last posted. It feels like it's been months and it probably has. I miss blogging but home life has had me far to busy to even think about posting.

I put my flabby butt on the fit train and I'm hating it. I miss being able to eat whatever I want and I'm grouchy because of it. I'm about to throw down the towel and say "Bring it on Fat"!

We are on a countdown to the completion and refinance our house. We got so used to living with something missing here and something needing done there. A tile cracked and needing replaced here and a touch up spot needing paint there and we didn't realize how much needed to be done. It's a little overwhelming when you don't have enough time in the day to dedicate to things that need to be done.

We started an Ebay business a few months ago. It started with Josh deciding it was time for our yearly purge. Every year we sell Hockey Cards, Electronics, Books, Wedding stuff etc..All things laying in boxes and cluttering up the basement. Then we decided to clean out our overcrowded DVD stand and sell the DVD's we never watch and they sold and sold well. So we looked into buying in bulk and selling and that week our first 200 DVD's came, they all sold and we got to thinking this might be a better idea then we thought. We have grown 50% each month since then. We ship anywhere from 50-70 DVD's a day and list just as many. It's supplemented our income greatly but it's taking a toll on our free time. Basically we have none. We stay up late and work, we wake up early and work. Our office currently holds over 1,200 DVD's. If the growth continues I plan to quit my job by this Fall. I have to or we are going to have to hire someone. By then we will be dealing with over 500 DVD's a day, shipping and listing. There is no way I can do that, work and be a parent to the boys. I walk into my office and feel like I'm in the twilight zone. DVD's everywhere and I'm not sure how this happened because it happened so fast. Josh and I were 100% happy with our jobs and the way things were going. We knew we needed something else to supplement our income while saving for the refinance but we did not know this is where things would turn. It's crazy how life takes turns and twists and all of a sudden your doing something and it's getting bigger than you ever could have imagined.

Needless to say with the countless hours I spend on the computer I have very little time to blog but as we get a handle on this monster we created and learn how to manage our time better I can continue to be a better blogger instead of a slacker :)

I have tons of deals to post throughout the coming days. Old Navy Weekly, freebies, my Wags shopping trips, upcoming deals and even a giveaway! I also have new pictures of the house. I also have a ton of blogs to catch up on!

Ah, it feels good to be back!