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May 8, 2009

Dove Visibly Smooth Coupon

The Visibly Smooth Line is a new deodorant that's just recently been released by Dove. It comes in Wild Rose and Nature fresh with a Pro-Epil Complex that reduces the look and feel of underarm hair over time. This product already has me swooning. I wore it today and love it. To make it even better it was free at K-Mart with the $2/1 printable. If you don't have a chance to swing by K-Mart, keep the coupon because chances are there will be another deal as it's a newer product.

Go here to print your coupon.

Kellogg's Coupons

After reading on several blogs that the $1/1 Kellogg's coupons had recently been reset I started searching and couldn't find them anywhere. Thanks to Deal Seeking Mom these mysterious coupons have been found. She pointed out that they could be accessed through the Kellogg's website. Duh ;) I should have known that.

Go here to print your coupons. You can print 2 of each.

I've been using them at K-Mart this week for $.75 boxes of cereal. Frosted Mini-Wheats, Special K, Frosted Flakes and Raisin Bran Crunch are part of the 4/$11 deal.

Thank You Walgreen's....

....for paying me to shop.

This was by far my most profitable Walgreen's week. I started off with about $10 in random RR's. I paid hardly any money OOP for each transaction (if anything at all) and most of the time it was just tax. Fillers aren't pictured.

(5) Bayer Meters on Sale for $14.99
*Used (5) Bayer coupons that took off $14.99 for each (done in separate transactions)
*Received $5 RR for each Meter
Final Cost = $25.00 MONEY MAKER!
Note: I didn't have to pay anything for tax so these were completely free for me. I then used these RR's to roll into all my other products.

(8) Scotch Tape on Sale $.99 with IVC
*Used $1.00
Final Price = FREE

(8) Ecotrin on Sale $2.00
*Received $2 RR for each
Final Price = FREE
Note: I rolled my ConAir and Chapstick RR's into these.

(10) Assorted Got2Be Products on Sale 2/$10
*Used (10) $2/1 IP's
*Received $5 RR for each 2 purchased
Final Price = $1/2 and $6.00 for all!!

(4) Nivea Body Washes on Sale $4.99
*Used (4) $1/1 IP's
Final Price = $4 Overage!

(2) Rembrandt on Sale $5.99
*Used $5.99 coupon on one making it free
Final Price = $6.00 Money Maker!

(2) TRESemme 24 Hour Body on Sale 2/$7
*Used (2) $1/1 IP's
*Received $2 RR
Final Price = $3/2

EcoBoard Emery Board reg. $1.00
*Used $1 RR
Final Price = FREE

I have over $60 in RR's left after all this and 5 more coupons left for Bayer. Some of my purchases aren't even pictured. My Rembrandt overage paid for my Got2be, my Nivea overage paid for the TRESemme etc...All in all I spent about $5 OOP on fillers and received far more back in RR's. All in all it was a fabulous freakin' week.

K-Mart, you have my heart

Last year I hadn't stepped foot in a K-Mart in over a year...possibly more. Now, I puffy heart them. I made another trip there last night for some cheap cereal for my stockpile and found a few more things. Transaction went easy and cashier was more than nice.

(4) Kellogg's Strawberry Frosted Mini-Wheats Cereal on Sale 4/$11
*Used (4) $1/1 from VocalPoint Mailer that doubled
Final Price = $3.00

(2) Hartz Crunch n Clean Dog Treats on Sale $3.49
*Used (2) $2/1 IP that doubled
Final Price = FREE

(2) Hershey's Bliss on Sale 2/$6
*Used (2) $1/1 from 5.3 SS that doubled
Final Price = $1 each

(3) Veet Hair Removers on Clearance $4.49
*Used (3) $2/1 IP that doubled
Final Price = $1.47/3

John Frieda Root Awakening Shampoo and Conditioner reg. $6.49
*Used (2) $2/1 coupons
Final Price = $2.49 each
I'll blog more on why I got these later.

K-Mart, you have my heart but only on Super Doubles ;)

Harpers Island Episode Four

Harper's Island Episode Four "Bang"

This episode veered more towards plot thickening than killing. Only one person was killed and more unanswered questions came into play.
I'm still not anywhere near revealing my thoughts on who the killer may be...

Who was Killed?

Joel Booth: He was shot in the leg. The bullet hit a major artery and he bled out. Poor guy! It made it seem as though he shot himself but I am doubting this. His finger was not on the trigger when the gun went off and the light flashed. This scene left me wondering.....Obviously the previews are misleading because Joel is shown in a scene that hasn't aired yet.

Some clues I picked up from the show:

*Robin finally makes an appearance on Harper's Island. The scene was interesting and I was not expecting Robin to act the way she did.

*The fortune teller spoke of Trish's "Betrayer" and "Savior". Was she talking about Richard or is it something more?

I'd really love to know who broke the dishes, what the fortune teller saw when she had Abby's necklace, where the money came from and why no one has realized Lucy is missing.

Also, here is a synopsis of the fourth episode from

Here is a preview for the Fifth Episode:

will be the fifth episode of Harper's Island, and is scheduled to be broadcast on May 9, 2009.

The official CBS summary reads: "A father/daughter bike ride in the woods leads to a startling revelation. Abby uncovers the Sheriff's secret obsession as Trish and Henry's wedding rehearsal takes an unexpected turn."

Summer Starbuck's Deal

Now through June 29th Starbucks is offering their new Iced Coffee with Milk (16 ounce Grande) for $1.95.

Iced Coffee with Milk A delicious and refreshing blend of freshly brewed Starbucks® Terraza Blend served chilled and slightly sweetened on ice with a splash of 2% milk.

You can go here for more information.

Crabby Friday

*I slept maybe 2 hours last night. I'm exhausted. I had a migraine all last night and couldn't fall asleep until 1 o'clock and then I woke up at 2 to find that Cowboy had gotten a hold of a bag of Chex Mix and was DESTROYING it. He had also managed to get through the block off to the kitchen and pull paper plates out of the trash and eat them. I had one hell of a mess to clean up. This dog just doesn't get it....Back to kenneling we go.

*If my neighbor keeps parking his Hummer on my grass because it wont fit in his driveway or correctly in the street, I'm going to have it towed by the most run down, janky tow company I can find. I'll give them an extra $20 just to give him crap. Stay the hell off my grass dude. It's not my problem you purchased a vehicle to large for a small suburban neighborhood.

*My accident has me totally freaked out. When I drive I'm scared of getting hit, when I'm at home I'm scared of that psycho. Driving is stressful and I've been coming home tense and irritable. My knuckles hurt from holding so tight on my steering wheel and my head hurts from all the stress. I can't listen to my music very loud because I feel it's a distraction. When I see an accident my stomachs starts to ache and screeching wheels and horns give me the chills. I can't wait for this fear to wear off and all of this stress to come to an end.

This weekend needs to be full of R&R or my crabbiness is going to carry into next week.


May 6, 2009

Appreciate the Small Things....

Meet the smallest member in our family, Kit. Or as DH calls him, DC. I'm sure you know what that stands for ::wink:: I may seem biased when it comes to my animals because I seem to talk quit a bit more about my dogs, possibly to the point I'm sure some of our friends and family don't even know we have a cat. We have only had him for a couple years and still I get a "Oh, I didn't know you had a cat" on occasion.

Kit started out as a temporary foster and turned into a forever cat when I just wouldn't give him back to his original owners. Long story but Kit was very different when he first came to us...then he is now.

I'm sure all pet owners says this but Kit isn't any normal cat. For starters, he about twice as big as a normal domestic house cat. He is very, very heavy too. I can barely hold him. He sleeps upside down and is obsessed with cardboard boxes. We have to keep one empty in the office just for him to lay in.

Every morning when my husbands alarm turns on, Kit gets up and walks all over him, purring and meowing until he wakes up. Kit has saved my sleepy husband numerous times when he is in such a deep sleep that he cannot hear his alarm because without fail when that it goes off, Kit starts that morning ritual of waking DH up. My husband is rarely late to work with Kit as a personal alarm clock

Kit "talks" and "listens". I know it sounds weird but that damn cat is so smart. He has learned to associate words (like treat, tuna, outside etc..) with actions just as the dogs have and reacts accordingly. He is amazing. He also has a very recognizable meow's when he wants food and when he wants to be let downstairs. They are very different from the normal meow and both are very unique. We have all learned them and if we ignore them, he starts trouble! He will race through the house, jump up on the kitchen table or counters, run through our legs and scratch at the doorknob until someone pays attention to his needs. His behavior is hard to deny. The kids call him "Psycho Kitty" when he acts like this.

Kit is the leader among the animals in our house. He is also the disciplinarian. He swats the dogs when they counter surf, he swats them when they bark, he swats them when they steal his food but nothing compares to what he does when I catch them getting in trouble. He beats the living crap out of them! I cannot discipline the dogs around Kit or he lashes out at them. If I raise my voice at them or say "NO" to them he runs from wherever he is napping, puts back his ears, hisses and starts letting claws fly. I'll admit it, I laugh hysterically when Kit does this. I seriously cannot help it. There is nothing funnier than watching a cat make a 50 lb dog look like a wuss. These poor dogs bow down to Kit.

This furball has a huge piece of my heart and is an amazing addition to our family. I think Kit is grateful for the life we have provided him and lets us know each and every day. We really don't know what our lives would be without him.

May 3, 2009

K-Mart Double Deals 5.3

This K-Mart promotion was clearly hindered by the ad misprint. I arrived at 7:45 a.m. to find the parking lot empty. By the time 8:00 rolled around there were 4 of us that strolled in. I shopped in silence and got everything I needed. Not everything I wanted though. The stock had not been replenished or everything had been pulled. I checked the night before and the Hershey's Bliss was stocked well but when I returned this morning it was mysteriously gone...I guess the rumors were true about managers pulling items for the promotion. Also, almost everything I had coupons for and that I planned on getting had received a price raise. Ugh, whatever.

All in all things went well though. Here is what I got in 2 transactions.

Transaction #1:

(4) Kellogg's Cereal on Sale 4/$11
*Used $1/1 IP's found here
Final Price = $.75 each!

(2) Chinet Plates $3.49
*Used $2/1 from 5.3 SS
Final Price = FREE!

(2) Listerine Total Care $4.59
*Used $2/1 IP found here
Final Price = $.59 each!

(2) BIC Pens 8 pack $1.59
*Used $1/1 IP found here
Final Price = FREE!

Venus Tropical Razors on Sale $6.00
*Used $2/1 coupon from 5.3 RP
Final Price = $2.00!

Peter Pan Peanut Butter $2.49
*Used $1/1 from 5.3 SS
Final Price = $.49 each!

(2) Sani-Hands Kids Wipes $2.49
*Used $1/1 IP found here
Final Price = $.49 each!

(2) Visine on Sale on Sale 2/$5
*Used $2/1 IP found here
Final Price = FREE!

(3) Playtex Handsaver Gloves $1.69
*Used $1/1 from 5.3 SS
Final Price = FREE!

My total OOP was $8.62

Transaction #2:

The Goodlife Recipe Cat Food $4.99
*Used $2/1 IP found here
Final Price = $.99 a bag

Playtex Handsaver Gloves $1.69
*Used $1/1 from 5.3 SS
Final Price = FREE!

Kraft BBQ Sauce on Sale 5/$5
*Used $.75/1 coupon from 5.3 SS
Final Price = FREE

(3) Peter Pan Peanut Butter $2.49
*Used $1/1 from 5.3 SS
Final Price = $.49 each!

(3) Chinet Plates $3.49
*Used $2/1 from 5.3 SS
Final Price = FREE!

I don't know how in the heck my total became what it was but I only paid $.15 OOP for this transaction. The cashier rang up each set of identical items and then scanned the coupon. I wasn't paying much attention but it seemed as though the computer was giving overage...It must of because in the end I was in the negative $1.53. I gave $1.00 to March of Dimes and my total came to $.15!

I spoke with a manager about the next doubles and she said there was word it would be June 7th. If this is so...I'll be ready ;)

May 2, 2009

K-Mart: Coupon Matchups

K-Mart Deals. Remember, they are only doubling up to $2 this time with a 25 coupon limit and a limit of 4 identical coupons.

Natures Source Cleaner $2.79
*Use $1/1 from recent insert or IP found here
Final Price = $.79

Yesterday's New Cat Litter $6.99
*Use $2/1 IP found here
Final Price = $2.99

Soft Scrub Scrubby Pads
*Use $1/1 IP found here
Final Price =

Pledge Multi-Surface $2.19 - $2.79
*Use $2/1 IP or $1/1 from various sources
Final Price = $.79 - FREE

Goodlife Cat Treats $2.00
*Use $1/1 IP found here
Final Price = FREE

All Small & Mighty $4.79
*Use $2/1 IP (if you got it) or $1/1 IP found here
Final Price = $.79 - $2.79

Trail Mix Crunch Cereal $3.49
*Use $1/1 from Insert or $2/1 IP (if you got it)
Final Price = $1.49 - FREE

Whiskas Purrfectly Multi-pack $5.12
*Used $2/1 IP found here
Final Price = $1.12

Oust Air & Surface $3.99
*Use $2/1 insert coupon
Final Price = FREE

Dry Idea Roll-On $3.99
*Use $2/1 IP found here
Final Price = FREE

Halls Sugar Free Cough Drops $1.99
*Use $1/1 from recent insert
Final Price =

Febreze Air Effects $2.99
*Use $1/1 from 5.3 P&G
Final Price = $.99

Kotex Liners $1.29
*Use $1/1 IP found here
Final Price = FREE

Renuzit Spray $1.79
*Use $1/1 from insert
Final Price = FREE

Marcal Small Steps Bath Tissue or Paper Towels $2.99
*Use $1/1 from 5.3 SS
Final Price = $.99

Visine $4.99
*Use $2/1 coupon found here
Final Price = $.99

Aveeno Lotion $3.19
*Use $2/1 IP found here
Final Price = FREE
Note: This is the small bottle. Coupon excludes trial but the lotion is bigger than a normal trial and the coupon didn't beep...

I'll update as I find more :) Good Luck Shopping!

Walgreen's Week of 5.3

I don't see a ton of great deals. It's a little anti-climactic after this week insane RR deals.

Pert Plus Men on Sale $5/2
*Use (2) $1.50/1 from 5.3 SS
*Receive $2 RR
Final Price = FREE
Note: You can roll your $2 Ecotrin RR into this with a small filler.

Right Guard Deodorant on Sale $2.99
*Use $1/1 from 4.19 insert or $.75/1 from K-Mart Savings Book
*Receive $2 RR
Final Price = $.24 - FREE
Note: You can roll your $2 Ecotrin RR into this with a small filler.

Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste $4.49
*Use $1/1 coupon found here
*Receive $4.50 RR
Final Price = $1 Money Maker!

Bed Head Hair Straightener on Sale $39.99
*Receive $10RR
Final Price = $29.99
This might be how I use some of my RR's. Add a few small fillers and use up some RR's and get $10 in RR's back.

That's all I see so far. If anything else comes up I'll ad it in.

May 1, 2009

K-Mart Doubles Event

The new ad's are up on! Find your weekly ad to see if your store is participating. Mine is yet again taking part in this promotion. Yeah!

I am hearing tons of talk about the ad being a misprint. I am hearing if your store is doubling then they are doing so up to $2.00. Please call or write an email to your local K-Mart to check this first before planning your trip. I have confirmed this at my location as of today they say they are doubling up to $2.

Unfortunately, I didn't know about it until today so I'm lagging behind in getting coupons. I will be making a trip today to check prices and post deals. I'll be concentrating on match-ups from the two most recent Sunday Papers and available printables.