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June 11, 2008

Bathroom Progress

We have really made some progress on the bathroom. The vanity, linen cabinet and toilet are in. We FINALLY got the light fixture hung. This bathroom was clearly created for someone very short. The light fixture was extrememly low as is the shower head. We managed to move the light fixture but we are going to have to deal with the shower head. It's not bad but it's still a little low.

The paint color is Granite Gray by Glidden. We searched a few different brands of paint looking for the perfect gray. Not a blue gray, not a green gray, not a purple gray. Just gray. I stumbled upon this gray and when I saw the name I knew it was the perfect paint color for our house! It's exactly what we were looking for. I was worried about how cheap the paint was but I'm impressed. We rolled it on with 1 inch nap rollers and it's gorgeous. We also painted two of the bedrooms and I'm happy with the results.

We are almost done with the bathroom (and so far still way under budget for this room) and now we can finally start on the kitchen!


Anonymous said...

It looks awesome! Love the tile.

Anonymous said...

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Christie said...

I've always been a fan of laying tile in a brick pattern like that. It turned out great! I bet that linen cabinet will come in very handy!