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June 1, 2008

Cabinets and Countertops, Check!

This could seriously be my favorite part. Other than picking paint colors. Josh and I are really going for a very Modern/Chic look for this house. The last two homes we really focused on what was Neutral and what we thought was less dramatic. We are stepping it up a couple notches on this one. Putting more of our personal tastes into it versus what we feel a bigger percentage potential buyers might like. When we go to sell we may regret it but gosh darn it we don't care right now ;)

Our Cabinets will be the basic White, American Classic brand cabinets at Home Depot with a raised inlay. Shown Here:

Our countertops are a bit edgy. We opted for a darker, laminate countertop in Basalt Slate. They are Black and Gray and look a lot like slate or colored rough concrete.

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