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January 7, 2009

Take that rude Cashier!

Walgreen's isn't always a breeze. I know that but for the most part I have been blessed to have a few awesome Walgreen's close to my house. My favorite Walgreen's of all time is where I planned to try my hand at the Garnier deal. There is no way I would have trouble. Right? Wrong!

I grabbed I filled my cart with 20 shampoos, conditioners and styling products, 15 papers, 3 Glade Candles and gum because my family tore through the last few packs I bought. Head to checkout and was told they were putting limit (of one) on the items per coupon. Since when? Whatever, I'll just grab 19 more booklets with Garnier coupons in them and use the coupons that have the same freaking UPC code as the one in my hand. She said no. Fine. I'll do 19 more transactions and keep the line backed up and we can be here all day because you wont follow corporate coupon policy. Then she has the nerve to say "It's just to early". Are you kidding me? Because I chose not to come at 8 tonight I am being denied? Now I know that's not Wags policy. I proceeded to ask for corporates number and she said she didn't have it. I said "Don't worry, I have it in my phone. I just wanted to see how rude you really would be so I could get you in more trouble with corporate". Her mouth dropped open and I walked out as I said "Have fun putting everything back"!

Then I headed up the street to another Walgreen's and bought everything on my list without a hitch. The beauty counter cashier was a nice as always and made sure to let me know she ordered extra Garnier so all her coupon loving customers could partake in the free loot!

I made two phone calls to corporate that day. One to complain and one to praise. One of those cashiers had a bad day and the other one left with a smile. I then donated more than half of what I bought. What comes around, goes around.

So, what did I get?

(20) Garnier Shampoos, Conditioners and Styling Products

Final Price = FREE after Q's

3 Glade 4 oz. Jar Candles

Final Price = $.50 each after coupons and Easy Saver Rebate

(3) packs Extra Gum

Final Price = $.99 after Easy Saver Q

15 Newspapers = $22.50

I used a $5/20 purchase coupon to make the papers cheaper. I paid $17.50 instead. Then I turned around and sold the coupons (or rather my time to cut and ship them) from all the inserts on ebay for a profit of $30 and counting. Ah, I puffy heart ebay!


Jenny.Lee said...

You rock!

Jennelle said...

Good for you for calling corporate--for BOTH cashiers!

Cecilia said...

Good for you for making those calls. Some people think it is an entitlement to have a job. Not true. The customer is always right!!
I have a little Walgreen's score. I printed off a coupon for $3.00 off one pint of Ben and Jerry's Ice cream. They are on sale 2/$6.00. I wasn't smart enough to print off 2 coupons (which would have been free) so my deal was 2/$3.00 with the coupon. The offer for the coupon has expired though. :(

Cassie said...

I just found your blog and I have to say I am in shock. How do you do this? Can I buy you lunch one day so you can teach me your ways?

Donna said...

I am slowly getting the hang of this Walgreens thing. Your posts are a big help!! :) I just got back and the cashier would only let me buy two of the Garnier shampoos. :( And she said that was doing me a favor since the Easy Saver coupon says limit 1. Maybe you could email me that corporate phone number! :)

Aimee said...

Can you give me some info about selling coupons on Ebay? I've heard about doing that, and I think I'd like to try! is my email.

The other day, I bought 4 Garnier shampoos at a Walgreens with no problem, using 4 easy saver coupons and 4 mfr. coupons. Tonight, when I tried to buy 3, the register beeped. I told the cashier that I had just bought 4 the other day. So, she was really nice and pushed the coupons through! Yeah! :-)

Thank you for these posts. You got me started with this, and I'm getting so addicted to how much I can save!

Amber said...

Hey Brea!

I'm really wanting to start cutting coupons [which means I don't really know where to start looking for them in the first place--do you use the ad or the Internet or both?] and I'm also interested in this Walgreens Rebate program.

If you have time, would you mind explaining where you get your coupons from and how exactly the Walgreens Rebate Program works. I downloaded this month's catalog but it's a little confusing.

Thanks so much!! I admire your kick ass saving style!!

hawkinz-family said...

Greeting from a fellow St. Louisian! I found you on HCW, enjoyed the info you've been sharing lately (thank you for that - I reped ya), and saw you had a blog. Anyway, I love that you sell coupons on eBay. I was writing for 2 reasons:

1. Could you tell me your seller name on eBay so I can check out some of your great stuff, and ...

2. Would you be willing to share your secrets of coupon selling? If so, my e-mail is: Thanks!

I loved this post about the rude cashier. I had one at the end of the Softsoap rolling extravaganza today. UGH! Oh well, I have 25 bottles to donate now! :-)

Thanks for all of your fab info!