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September 11, 2008

Win by default!

One of the MANY things on our "You must do or I'll fine you out the wazoo" list was the basement windows. We have three 56x14 windows down there that are either broken, boarded up or both. It's a mess. We always planned fixing them but only when we replaced the rest of the windows which was going to be November but now that our very precise time-line has been all jacked up we were forced to think quick. In turn, I got my dream windows! Yipee!

I am not originally from St. Louis. I moved from Gig Harbor, Washington YEARS ago.

Regardless I still call WA home and am obsessed with things that remind me of there. Glass blocks are one of them. They are very popular in WA and remind me a little of the broken glass pieces that wash up on shore after weeks, months and years of being tumbled around in the ocean. They also remind me a lot of the ocean when it moves.

In the beginning I was very set on Glass Black windows for the basement but lost out when hubby said it wasn't in the budget. We decided we would just order regular windows for the basement. Now this isn't an option due to the time frame we have to fix the windows. If we did normal windows the delivery time is 2-3 weeks. Now if we did glass blacks it's 7-10 days. Also, we got a sweet deal because we are a business and the glass block windows will only cost $4 more a piece than normal windows. Sweet.

We met with Donald Fendler of Glass Blocks of St. Louis to order our new glass block windows. We picked out the Decora pattern in the Thinline series. Hopefully they will be here on Monday and I'll be sure to post pictures once they are installed!

On a side note. Who knew glass blocks could be used for so many things and came in so many sizes and colors?


Kristal said...

I'm so glad things are working out for you guys. Hopefully you'll be back in the house in no time.

And BTW - I love block windows. ;)

Nicole said...

Wow, I am LOVING all those different uses for block windows! The bar and the bathroom designs are sooooo cool!!

Glad you get to incorporate them in the casa!!!