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September 4, 2008

When it rains, It POURS!

I'll keep this brief because if I don't I might break down in tears. Josh, the boys and I are being thrown out of our house. We needed a Occupancy Permit to occupy this house and because it wasn't done we have until tonight to vacate. On the upside we managed to avoid over $2,000 in fines and being arrested.

Our house failed the inspection because of the exterior of the house and a few other minor issues. Granted we could have everything finished by next week but it's still shocks me that someone has this control over the house I pay the mortgage on! What in the hell is this world coming to? Since when in the fact that the driveway isn't concrete become concern enough to kick me out of my house?! I find this crazy! I think the only thing that saved us was how shocked and glad the inspector was to see the inside. He actually smiled when he walked in and said he couldn't believe how wonderful the inside looked. Whew!

So back to living with family or the Chesterfield house. The very house I have been spending all my time cleaning and staging for the bank to come in a re-finance....Thank god we have such a wonderful and supportive family!

You said it Cheezburger Kitty :(


Teresa said...

Brea, that is terrible! Let me know if we can do something. You and the boys are welcome at our Boyd House! It would be tight but we could make it work!

Trisha said...

Oh my gosh. How terrible.
I will be thinking about you (and the family).

Let me know if there is ANYTHING that I can do to help out!

My thoughts and happy wishes are with you!

Team Boyd said...

Thank You so much Trisha and Teresa! You have no idea how much that means to me. You both are so sweet!