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May 17, 2008

Our New Home

It's a gut but I can't wait to turn it into something beautiful. The neighbors call it Boo Radley's house because it's literally the ugliest house in the neighborhood. It's actually condemned due the animals living in the attic. The city thinks it's unsafe until they are cleared out.

I can't wait to start work. Right now we are going into this as it will be our home. We will have re-sale value in mind but we want something that is ours. We can add our own personal touches and when we come home and night we can really feel like it's ours!

I hope we can smooth the neighbors nerves about this house. They think it's spooky and ugly. The neighbors have called the city countless times and complained about this home. I don't blame them. So far ever neighbor we have met, we like and I am excited to be able to turn this home into something they like to look at versus can't stand.

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Maggie said...

It looks like it has great potential! I think you have a head start with those wood floors. I can't tell what their condition is from the photos, but I know wood floors usually drive up a homes selling price. Good luck on the remodel! :)