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August 31, 2008

Kitchen and Bathroom Progress

It's no secret we moved into an unfinished house and that we are crazy for it but I really have enjoyed being able to work on the house a little at a time versus every weekend and pulling long days and late nights. At first, I felt like I was camping. The stove didn't work, the plumbing had to be shut off a few times for repairs, the tile was not and still is not finished in the kitchen and we hadn't put up the shelving units in any of the closets. It was a mess! Now our house is starting to feel more like a home. We are still missing trim in places due to uninstalled doors, windows and window treatments need to be installed and the paint is still not finished but we love it all the same!

Some long overdue pictures of our progress:


Aimee said...

Great job! The kitchen and bathroom look wonderful!

willtherebecake said...

Oh I love it! The star is a nice touch.