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August 27, 2008

New Years Resolutions in September

As the Holiday season approaches Josh and I have begun to talk about our budget. Budget? What budget? We have gotten out of control! It's got to stop. Careless spending is eating our non-existent budget alive. So we are starting a little early with the New Years Resolutions. We are taking it one month at a time as every month is different and it's always easier to start off small. I'll be printing out a calendar page to hang on the fridge and we will put a gold star for each day we accomplished each goal and a red star for the days we failed. Just breaking one rule will cause the entire day to be a failure. This way we wont cheat and feel like we only broke "one" rule so it's OK. Hopefully I'll never have to put a red star up. Wish us luck!

*Absolutley NO SODA for 1 Month - Easy Peasy!
*No Energy Drinks for 1 Month - We will utilize our new coffee maker and drink coffee at home. This is going to be hard for me as I consume at least 5 Redbulls or Full Throttles a week. Possibly more.
*No hitting the town for 1 Month - Should be easy as we only go out about once a month anyway. This one is key as we spend the most amount of money on this. If we cut this out alone we will be saving over $200-400 a month. Josh has officially thrown away his Casino cards! Ya!
*No Fast Food for 1 Month - The boys and I only ate out 4 times this month as Josh ate out every day but with Josh's new diet he can no longer eat out so this might be the easiest one.
*No Ordering or Eating Out for 1 Month - I threw out all the pizza flyers and menus. There are no birthdays in this month that might require us to attend a birthday dinner. The hardest part is not ordering pizza when I'm too tired to cook.
*No Alcohol for 1 Month - No wine and no beer. We had two BBQ's this month and my Silpada party so needless to say we spent a ridiculous amount on liquor for all gatherings. No more BBQ's or parties. No more Alcohol. The 6 beers and the bottle of Sparkletini leftover will have to last us in case we have unexpected guests over for dinner.

Money we will save if we complete each goal: $600 Minimum!

Sweeet! I spent $650 on Christmas last year. That's almost my Christmas budget!
We are also re-vamping our food budget and setting weight loss goals. More to come on this later!

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