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November 21, 2008

Stockpile Trippin'

For the last few months I have been slowly growing my stockpile. I have tons of razors, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner and make-up. This week I was able to match coupons and sales and stock up on a few other items. I shopped at 2 stores this week.


20 bags of Chex Mix (not all of which are pictured) on Sale for $.99 each
*Used 20 $.50/1 Coupons (11/9 SS)

Final Price = $9.80/20


12 Johnson & Johnson Buddies Bar Soaps regular price $.97
*Used 4 $3/3 of Any J&J Product

Final Price = $.36 OVERAGE

20 Bags of Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers (not all pictured) on Rollback for $1.08 each
*Used 20 $1/1 Green Giant Steamers Q's (11/16 SS)

Final Price = $1.60/20

2 Bags of Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers with Sauce regularly priced at $1.98 each
*Used 2 $1/1 Green Giant Steamers Q's (11/16 SS)

Final Price = $1.96/2

10 Boxes of Ronzoni Pasta (best pasta ever!) regularly priced at $1.50
*Used 10 $1/1 coupons

Final Price = $5.00/10

12 Glade Aerosol Sprays regularly priced at $.86
*Used 12 $1/2 coupon (11/2 SS)

Final Price = $4.32/12

1 Bottle of Coffee Mate Creamer regularly priced at $1.98
*Used $.50/1 coupon (11/2 SS)

Final Price = $1.48
(I can do better but I needed creamer)

Total Spent OOP = $23.80!!

Needless to say I saved a lot! I stocked up on everything we love and use this week. I still have a ton of coupons left for the Buddies, the pasta, the Glade and the Steamers that I plan to use before the sales end and the coupons expire. I'm big about not clearing shelves so I'm going to my other local Wal-mart tomorrow. I wonder if DH will finally agree we need a deep freezer?

If your wondering...No, I didn't buy all these papers and clip all these coupons! I bought them off ebay. I matched sales and bought the Q's in bulk. I paid no more than $1-$1.50 for each set. Much easier than buying 10-20 papers and clipping them myself!


Janet said...

That is some seriously impressive shopping.

Angie said...

all i can say is that you're freakishly amazing.

Maria said...

That is amazing!!!