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March 13, 2009

Old Navy Weekly can kiss it! At least for this week anyway

A admit it. I'm one of the many (hundreds of thousands) of people who couldn't resist Old Navy Weekly's enticing deals. I am also now one of the many p*ssed of people who spent countless hours on this website only to not come out with the coupon I wanted in hand.

If you haven't heard Old Navy Weekly is a micro site that each week releases thousands of unbelievable coupons and amoung them happens to be a $75 off a $100 purchase coupon!

Here is the list of coupons you can generate:
5% (unlimited)
10% (unlimited)
20% (10,000 unique codes)
$10 off $100 (5000 unique codes)
$50 off $100 (3500 unique codes)
$75 off $100 (1000 unique codes)

These coupons are found by "hunting" which means going crazy and clicking on anything possible until a coupon comes up. They are hidden all over the main page of ONW and in the SuperModelquins Video you can play located at the left bottom corner. Each coupon is a one use coupon with a special barcode to be used in store only.

This site resets itself and adds new coupons each Thursday. Last week it was around 7 Central with no official word of when it may be this week. I'd been hearing a buzz anywhere from 12:01 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. but no one was for sure. At 11:00 p.m. on Wednesday night I started my quest to enter the site. It hadn't yet been updated and at about 12:10 a.m. I went to bed. When I woke up the site was still the same as last week and hadn't been reset. When I left for work it was still the same. As I am pulling out of the driveway I call my Mom and ask her to watch the site. She logs on and the screen that notifies you that they are hiding coupons came up! I was so close to calling off work. Thankfully, I made it home in time to log on before the site reset itself. I waited almost 2 hours and at 7:35 on the dot I refreshed and the site came up. I started hunting. I found the $50/$100 immediately in the apple in the girls hand. I want the $75 though! I started the video and when the ring scene came up I clicked on the ring and POW! There it was $75 OFF!! I grabbed it and right as it started generating the coupon it kicked me off the entire site! What?!?!? %#*&@*#^*#! I was peeved! I didn't even have time to hit Prt-Scr to get a coupon for verification that I got the $75.

Long story (and a lot of cursing) short. I waited for 3 1/2 hours to get back in, hitting refresh every 15 minutes or so. Finally when I did get back in and grabbed the $50/$100 and a $5/$25. By then the $75's were gone.

This is exactly what happened last week. Too many users on a site that couldn't handle it.

This week the Members of certain forums have been massively posting/blogging and it's safe to say most are pretty upset about how ON has handled this and how easily the site went down when they had to have anticipated that amount of people logging on.

ON says they are honoring those who were lucky enough to get a Print Screen shot of whatever coupon they won. We'll see though. Some Members are still waiting on their promised coupon from last week.

Where are all the coupons hidden?

Here is the List:
$75 off $100 (GONE) with purchase of a dress - Movie: ring, man's broken finger/hand, or dress at the end
$50 off $100 (GONE) with purchase of a dress - Top Right: peach in woman's hand
$5 off $25 when it's raining outside - Bottom Right: dog
$5 off $25 when it's raining outside - "*trend spotter" banner in upper right
$5 off $25 when it's sunny outside - Top Left: bird flying in background
$5 off $25 when it's sunny outside - Trees right of Kelly's dress
10% off purchase - Bottom Middle Picture: girl in blue sweater
10% off with purchase of a floral dress - "Kelly's" floral dress
$7 off with purchase of a women's and a girl's dress - Bottom Right: little snail crawling under girl and dog
$5 off with purchase of a women's dress and a girl's dress - Bottom Right: girl wearing dress

If you would still like a lower amount coupon the site is still up. I recommend going and checking it out and even printing off a coupon to get the hang of how things go before you try next week. If there is a next week anyway. I'm trying to find this out and will update when I do.

Until then I think the general consensus is Old Navy sucks.


Cecilia said...

I had no idea about this site! I might check it out. That stinks that you missed out because people aren't very intelligent. Bummer.

Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva said...

I too have been trying to get ahold of that elusive $75 off of $100 coupon. No luck yet. I have just resigned to giving up on the site and shopping the clearance racks.

Take care.

Supermodelquin said...

Hello Boyd Team, as brand advocates working on behalf of Old Navy, we have some fantastic updates to the coupon promotion that was recently launched and we want to thank each and every one of you who have made this such a successful and fun way to interact with your favorite fashions at Old Navy.

Here what’s happened so far...
We thought we were being sneaky hiding coupons for up to $75 and $50 off on We thought it’d take some serious snooping skills for anyone to find these fabulous coupons. Then we launched the site and over million visitors proved us very, very wrong. You all hunted and found the coupons in record time week after week and in the process even managed to shut down our site a few times due to overwhelming traffic. So, while we’re flattered by all the attention we need a little time to regroup—or rather find ways to make this game of ours a little trickier to solve. So for the next few weeks, will still be updated weekly but we won’t be re-seeding the premium coupons and only hiding up to $10 off any $50 purchase. But in April, we’re bringing back the premium coupons and they’ll be in even more fabulous hiding places! So be sure to keep your hunting skills sharp!

Premium coupons/Timing:
So for the next few weeks, will be pulling the $75 and $50 coupons and only hiding up to $10 off any $50 purchase. But in April, the premium coupons will be back and in even more fabulous hiding places!

Here are some helpful tips for redeeming your coupons at stores:
- Print or email your coupon from the site
- Take it into the store the next time you shop (make sure to check valid dates)
- This coupon is one time use only — use it on yourself or give to a friend, but don’t bother making copies, because it’ll only work once!
- Applies to merchandise only
- Hand to the cashier upon checkout and have them scan the bar code.
- If for some reason the barcode doesn’t scan, suggest they manually enter in the discount code on the coupon and amount

If you have any questions or maybe you just want to give us your feedback on the Supermodelquins or, please do not hesitate to drop us an email or reply to this post.


John A.
Brand Advocate working on behalf of Old Navy
Old Navy Assets Blog:

Supermodelquin said...

Just wanted to give you the update for the week.

As promised, last week we hid new coupons in trickier hiding places than ever before. In fact, it took 12 hours for anyone to discover where we had hidden the $10 off any $50 purchase coupons. So this week expect the hunt to be just as challenging.

With new coupons starting Friday, the most valuable will be worth 30% off any purchase and you can bet we’re pulling out all the stops to keep it hidden.

And don’t forget, next week we’ll be bringing back the big $$ coupons and we’ve got tricks up our stylish sleeves that will make it the most fun search yet!

Keep in mind that at, there are always limited and unlimited coupons hidden. The unlimited coupons will carry identical codes so no need to worry if your coupon looks like your friends!

John A.
Brand Advocate working on behalf of Old Navy

Anonymous said...

Old Navy does NOT suck & you are just bitter and extremely greedy. What other retailer do you know of that even offers discounts anywhere near what this site does? ..... What's that? You can't name even one? Thought so. Quite being a greedy psycho!

Supermodelquin said...

Good news everyone- bigger and better deals from Old Navy!

I hope for those of you who have been searching the site and able to get a hold of a coupon, that they have been helping you save some money on the Old Navy fashions that you love!

The big $$ coupons at are making their way back this Friday!

The most valuable this week will be worth $45 off $100 purchase and the hiding places are getting trickier every week. So keep your hunting skills sharp…next week, the offers include $75 off 100!

Happy Hunting!

John A.
Brand Advocate working on behalf of Old Navy

Supermodelquin said...

Hello Boyd Team,

We are just stopping by to fill you and your readers in on the latest news.

Coupon hunting will get trickier this week. The coupon values and when they’ll be added to the site are only known by one person and that Modelquin has her pretty, plastic lips sealed for the time being. Stay tuned for what promises to be the most exciting week yet at

Good luck and happy hunting!

Nicole D.

Brand Advocate working on behalf of Old Navy

Supermodelquin said...

Hello Boyd Family,

Just making our weekly visit to give you the most up-to-date Old Navy Weekly news…

This week you must get your snooping skills ready because is going to keep you on your finely-pedicured toes hunting for the $75 coupons again this week!

Happy hunting!

Nicole D.

Brand Advocate working on behalf of Old Navy

Help Urself said...

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