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March 29, 2009

Coupon Sources

I often get asked where I get all my coupons. I also see this question being asked on message boards frequently. I thought it might be a great idea to share my coupon sources with my readers. These days with papers going out of business and inserts slimming down. Even though inserts are a coupon users primary source, thankfully we are not limited to them.

I always browse my local ads in advance. Lots of Money Saving Forums (more on that later) will release ads early to help you prepare in advance for sales and then I collect or purchase coupons accordingly. So where do I get mine? Just about everywhere!

* Newspaper Inserts: P&G, Valassis and RedPlum. Because inserts differ regionally you can see what may be in your inserts at least a week in advance but you usually never know for sure until you get your paper on Sunday.

* Ebay: This is my primary source for buying in bulk. Just type in the coupon you are looking for and your bound to find dozens of Sellers with this coupon available. Shipping costs vary (sometimes they are free) and you can find lots of 1-100. I've purchased hundreds of coupons via Ebay without a problem and highly recommend it.

* This is not only a source for coupons but a insert pre-view source, a place to find local store sales and it even has it's very own forum. I'm in the process of ordering my first set of coupons from them. I was recommended to them by a forum member recently. Please visit their About Us page. They are an amazing team and I can't wait to complete my first order with them!

* This is an amazing website. You can preview the upcoming inserts AND order coupons. I have never went this route but I use this website a lot to preview inserts and plan sales. The only downside is not all coupons from all inserts are available to purchase. Taylortown also has a Master List of all un-expired coupons that come in handy when planning deals.

* My primary source for printable coupons. Just Register, download their Coupon Printer and start saving! Coupons are added frequently so make sure to always check for updates. Maximum prints is 2 per offer, per computer.

* A Printable only coupons source. The downside is they have almost the same coupons as and If you print something from and try and print here it's a no go. No double printing. Bummer. Don't count it out though and check regularly for new coupons.

* Bricks or Bricks is a coupon printing service that manufacturers use. Bricks can be a pain and to be honest I am still not 100% sure how this website works. When you print coupons from or other manufacturer websites it's seems as though Bricks supports them. You can go to the main page and directly link to manf. websites for coupons. Users often have trouble printing from Bricks using certain browsers though. I have to change part of each address to correctly print my coupons and I use Firefox.

* Forum Trades and Auctions: I'm still very new to this but it's a great way to get coupons you want and get rid of those you will not use. Hot Coupon World and A Full Cup both have trade sections where you can sell, trade, auction off and bid on coupons.

How do you get your coupons?

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Cecilia said...

I also use The Coupon Master occasionally. I prefer Ebay though. No minimums!