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March 21, 2009

My Favorite Money Saving Forums and Blogs

There is absolutely no way I would be able to save as much as I have without the help of some amazing sites and blogs. I use them for hot deal alerts, money saving tips, freebie alerts and more. These sites have taught me how to utilize coupons and how to save the most at my local stores. I've learned about stockpiling, doubling coupons, how to make the most out of Walgreen's etc...

Here are my favorites. If you haven't been to them it's a must you check them out! I hope these sites help you as much as they have helped me! This is my primary forum. I visit daily for ad previews and deal alerts. I credit this forum from teaching me the Wags ropes and keeping my up to date on all the most fabulous deals. I just joined AFC but I'm already loving it. They just launched their new layout and it's amazing!
Money Saving Mom
Penny Pinching Diva
Common Sense with Money
From Wags to Riches
Keeping the Kingdom First
The Domestic Diva
The "Cents"ible Sawyer
Deal Seeking Mom
I Heart Wags
Coupon Cravings
My Precious Pennies
Be Cents Able
Swag Grabber
Bargain Briana
Thrifty & Chic Mom
The Thrifty Mama

What sites and blogs do you use?


Cecilia said...

I love all the sites you use. I just recently joined HCW. I also visit Slick Deals, Freebies 4 Mom, Attention Target Shoppers, BeCentsable, Being Frugal is Fabulous, Budget Help$, ConsumerQueen, Free 2 Be Frugal, Freebeezndealz, Mommies with Cents and Your Coupon Buddy. A lot of them have repeats, but sometimes they will have different deals, which is why I check them all out.

Lindsey said...

I adore these sites, thanks so much for sharing them!

Charlene said...

Common Sense with Money is a good one too.

Heidi said...

You know I am all about the HotCouponWorld!!!!

BTW I love your music on your blog:)

Penny Kim said...

I recommend reading :)

Penny Kim said...

I recommend reading :)

Carl said...

Thanks for the list of moneysaving sites. Another great moneysaving/making sit is It has provided valuable information to myself and others.

p.cordiner said...
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Anonymous said... can acheive some great savings.

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July said...

Thank you for forwarding this list.. I will check it well wanted to know if you know this site..

I was suggested this site, wanted to know if anyone has heard about it...I'm starting to like it because you can win some free prizes that are really great!


please let me know if you have any thoughts ..I will like to hear them!

Happy Holidays

john said...

wow it is a great site i like it another great site is

James said...

Thanks for the great sites!
If your ever interested in having both worlds saving lots opf money and making it.
You Can join my money saving team at its real, easy and works great.
Our family saves between $350.00 to $450.00 for a Family of 4 Every month which takes a load off our Budget.

Jim & Karen
Southwick, Mass

James said...

Thanks for the Great savings info!
This site is a must see for those who like to maximize their savings and make a great income to.

Saves our family $350.00 to $450.00 every month and i make a great income with it too.

Happy savings
Jim& Karen

Mark said...


I love this blog! especially the comment you have in your header. . .a very true sentiment.

I'm in the UK and my top tip if your buying from the UK is visit

It i sfull of the latest uk coupon deals! Well worht checking out before you make those purchases online.



Mark said...

I almost forgot!

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If you live in the UK you can get anyhting from 40% to 100% grants for insualtion! try

Cheers Ears ( as we say in England)


sanjeev said...

Savings is a must so try to find the best savings rate available and then transfer as much as possible routinely into the account every month.......
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mark said...

You have a great list here. Another site is

lorriebcoupons said...

i love a full cup! another good bargain site is

lorriebcoupons said...

i love afullcup! another good one is:



Rick Leibowitz said...

My personal favorite is I like it because they have local coupons to the businesses in my area. Not sure if it works in multiple areas. Good luck saving!