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May 8, 2009

Thank You Walgreen's....

....for paying me to shop.

This was by far my most profitable Walgreen's week. I started off with about $10 in random RR's. I paid hardly any money OOP for each transaction (if anything at all) and most of the time it was just tax. Fillers aren't pictured.

(5) Bayer Meters on Sale for $14.99
*Used (5) Bayer coupons that took off $14.99 for each (done in separate transactions)
*Received $5 RR for each Meter
Final Cost = $25.00 MONEY MAKER!
Note: I didn't have to pay anything for tax so these were completely free for me. I then used these RR's to roll into all my other products.

(8) Scotch Tape on Sale $.99 with IVC
*Used $1.00
Final Price = FREE

(8) Ecotrin on Sale $2.00
*Received $2 RR for each
Final Price = FREE
Note: I rolled my ConAir and Chapstick RR's into these.

(10) Assorted Got2Be Products on Sale 2/$10
*Used (10) $2/1 IP's
*Received $5 RR for each 2 purchased
Final Price = $1/2 and $6.00 for all!!

(4) Nivea Body Washes on Sale $4.99
*Used (4) $1/1 IP's
Final Price = $4 Overage!

(2) Rembrandt on Sale $5.99
*Used $5.99 coupon on one making it free
Final Price = $6.00 Money Maker!

(2) TRESemme 24 Hour Body on Sale 2/$7
*Used (2) $1/1 IP's
*Received $2 RR
Final Price = $3/2

EcoBoard Emery Board reg. $1.00
*Used $1 RR
Final Price = FREE

I have over $60 in RR's left after all this and 5 more coupons left for Bayer. Some of my purchases aren't even pictured. My Rembrandt overage paid for my Got2be, my Nivea overage paid for the TRESemme etc...All in all I spent about $5 OOP on fillers and received far more back in RR's. All in all it was a fabulous freakin' week.


EZ and RJ said...

were these purchases from last week? the stores in my area had the same promotions a week ago.

Cecilia said...

Great job!! I really enjoyed last week. My hubby just laughed as he tried to find a spot for my deals.

Brea said...

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