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May 8, 2009

Harpers Island Episode Four

Harper's Island Episode Four "Bang"

This episode veered more towards plot thickening than killing. Only one person was killed and more unanswered questions came into play.
I'm still not anywhere near revealing my thoughts on who the killer may be...

Who was Killed?

Joel Booth: He was shot in the leg. The bullet hit a major artery and he bled out. Poor guy! It made it seem as though he shot himself but I am doubting this. His finger was not on the trigger when the gun went off and the light flashed. This scene left me wondering.....Obviously the previews are misleading because Joel is shown in a scene that hasn't aired yet.

Some clues I picked up from the show:

*Robin finally makes an appearance on Harper's Island. The scene was interesting and I was not expecting Robin to act the way she did.

*The fortune teller spoke of Trish's "Betrayer" and "Savior". Was she talking about Richard or is it something more?

I'd really love to know who broke the dishes, what the fortune teller saw when she had Abby's necklace, where the money came from and why no one has realized Lucy is missing.

Also, here is a synopsis of the fourth episode from

Here is a preview for the Fifth Episode:

will be the fifth episode of Harper's Island, and is scheduled to be broadcast on May 9, 2009.

The official CBS summary reads: "A father/daughter bike ride in the woods leads to a startling revelation. Abby uncovers the Sheriff's secret obsession as Trish and Henry's wedding rehearsal takes an unexpected turn."

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