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January 30, 2008

I'm Still in Shock....

Yesterday at 1:30 p.m. it was announced, by the powers that be, during our "Emergency" Office meeting that they are shutting down the Hillsboro and Potosi Offices and merging them into Festus. To some of us this came as a huge shock. I knew something was wrong when Carol McCabe and Jim Dohr walked into our office for the meeting....My heart sunk....

For months I have said that this was going to happen but I didn't actually think it would come when we started picking up business. 3 months ago we were dead. Now we are all going 90 miles an hour and doing a good amount of business. I have 3 contracts in the works to close in February and May. I have one listing coming up with another agent and they choose to do this now?!?!

Joyce will be turning over her position as Broker to Glenna (the Broker at the Festus Office) and becoming a Salesperson. Krista Snyder (the Broker of the Potosi Office) will become a Salesperson. Our Secretary lost her job and Lee (Our Trainer and Assistant Manager) has also be "demoted" to Salesperson.

While it isn't as hard for me because I was already in the works to leave and join the K&N Office in St. Charles...but these co-workers were my family and I am so sad to see their lives turned upside down. Everyone cried and a few of my co-workers couldn't even sit through the meeting.
They gave us no time either. We have to merge on Friday. I have no idea how many agents will make the move or join other Offices or Companies....I will be making the temporary move to support my co-workers.

This was such a hard time for everyone :(

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