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January 23, 2008

Kitchen Dreams....

I have to say that the most exciting part about buying a Home/Investment is that I can treat it more like it's a home and customize it to fit our family needs and wants versus just thinking about whats the most cost effective/buyer friendly way. I have no fear that any of Josh and I decisions wont be well liked by Buyers but they wont be carbon copies of the last two investments and because I spend a great deal of time in my Kitchen I want it to be special.

This home is going to be richer and more inviting than the first two. I have been scouring Kitchen websites for days looking for design ideas.

Here is the Kitchen as of now:

We are weighing a few options in terms of the colors we will be using. We like the Dark Cherry Cabinets with the light Neutral Counter tops and Neutral Flooring. We will be taking out the existing island and putting in a new one. We'll also hang pendant lighting above the island and we will be taking out the top cabinets above the "work area" and lifting the bottom cabinets so we can fit a wine rack and wine glass holders on the bottom of the lifted cabinet.

Like this:

We like the Cabinet, Counter top and Flooring colors. The back splash would match the Flooring and the paint color would be more neutral tan. I'd take a tile and try and color match the paint to the tile we are using. The floors would be Travetine in the larger size and we would lay it in an off set, "brick like", pattern for a more custom look.

We also like the lighter look of White Cabinets, White, Black and Gray speckled Counter tops and Dark colored Hardwood Flooring. We would paint the room to match the Counter tops. A light Gray would be very pretty.

Like This:

The Cabinet, Counter top, Flooring, Paint and Backsplash colors are PERFECT! We would install stainless instead of Black Apliances and the wine rack would be a lot smaller.


Christie said...

I'm drooling over both the options! Have fun with whatever you go with - it's going to look so nice!

jeannie wray said...

I was just on the google search engine looking at pictures because I to am going back and forth on my kitchen redo
White is My favorite"but" I worry about resale white may scare some people and the keep up with white counters and as for the dark I think great resale easy to keep clean but worry about the kitchen looking to dark? hum back to looking:-0

Darlene said...

Hi, Just wondering what colour you went with? I'd like to see it.