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January 16, 2008

So Many Options.....

8 years ago when I went shopping for dinnerware I was faced with the fact that there was nothing too choose from. Everything was either too tacky, too plain or just down right ugly.

As I get ready to shell out the money for my first new, matching set I have come to the realization that I might never be able to choose! There are so many colors, patterns, sizes and shapes to choose from. This is seriously turning into a dilemma.
Here is what I have been looking at:

Worldview Collection Multi-Color
Retro Square in White
Square Dial Set in White

Damask Set - Black and White

Trilogy Set in Black
Corelle Impressions Marissa

So far I am leaning towards the Black Trilogy Set and the Damask. I just can't decide!


Christie said...

Did you wind up deciding on one? My favorite is the last one - the Marissa, but the damask one is a close second.

Jennifer said...

Hey Brea - I just found your blog. Did you pick out dishes? My fav is the damask. I whish I'd have seen something like that before we registered.

Team Boyd said...

Hey Girls, I did end up buying 2 Trilogy Sets and 1 Damask. I already wish I would have bought just 2 of the Damask. They are so eye catching. I'll save them for nice dinners though :) I do use the coffee cups A LOT! I even took one to my office.