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January 22, 2008


Today we are meeting our forever Inspector, Dave Kozal of Kozy Inspections, out at the new house for Inspections. I have to give a lot of praise to Dave. We have been working with him for a few years now. He was my Inspector long before I was an agent and will be for years to come. Dave was introduced to me through my agent and now co-worker, Shawn Brewer, when we purchased the Jarvis Investment and so far he has been the Inspector that ALL of my clients have used.

Dave is not just any inspector. He is very savvy when it comes to Investments. I trust Daves opinion greatly and he doesn't just inspect our properties but he really does take the time out to answer all of our questions and give helpful advice when it's needed. Dave has gone above and beyond for us on so many occasions.

I hope everything goes OK today as most of our family already knows due to my bitching about it, we are over on our "Inspections Period" :( So really we can't do anything if something is horribly wrong but we are pretty sure nothing is...We'll see though!

I am also going today to measure the windows and such. This wont just be an investment for us so I plan on putting up curtains and blinds. It's kind of exciting. Closing is in 2 weeks!

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Kristal said...

Good Luck today! I hope all goes well.