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January 22, 2008

Inspections Update

We just got home from the St. Charles house and the inspections went well. Dave spent almost 3 hours with us going over everything. When all was said and done the only concern was the Aluminum wiring the home is wired with. It's not copper. But it is oxidized and connected correctly and any educated Buyer and Inspector wont have an issue with it because if both of those things are done it's not a fire hazard and not an issue.

So we are good to go. Josh and I took down some wall paper while we were there. The home has so much of it!

We also wrote down our "To Do" list and "Not To Do" List. We were pleased about all the things we had on our "Not To Do" list. The cabinets, vanities, all but 2 interior doors, all exterior doors and windows are new. This is going to save us a lot. The drywall is also in good condition in almost all areas except the bathrooms so that will save us some money and time. This home is bigger than the first two investments and is going to require more flooring so it's nice to be able to take that money and put it into flooring. We'll be doing actual hardwood on this investment and it's going to be more expensive than the laminate.

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