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July 9, 2008

House Update

This update is way overdue. As I look at the pictures I realize these pictures are almost 3 weeks old. We have since installed light fixtures, appliances have been put in and we have tiled the floor. We have also finished the rest of the house with the exception of the bookcase, closet shelving, baseboards and doors. But since I haven't taken pictures in forever it will have to do. We start re-finishing the floors this weekend. We planned to move last weekend but we stopped work and took a vacation when my Family came to visit from WA.

As long as all goes well we should be good to move in 2 weeks. I'm so ready too! The neighbors we have now are stuck up and frankly it's getting on my last nerve. My Aunt has owned this house for almost 16 years. You think these people would treat us with a little more respect. I guess it's because we are young. Whatever. I put my pants on the same way they do, pay my taxes and keep my yard immaculate. I'm in no way a bother to you. I have every right to a little respect. Please refrain from letting your mutts pee on my mailbox, tell your brats to quit stealing my kids skateboards and a "Hello" once in awhile won't kill you.

At the new house our neighbors are amazing. One neighbor cuts our yard for free and wont even accept a soda or beer as a thank you. He even does it when we aren't home so we don't make him accept payment. The others say "Hello" and wave and the neighbor girl even bought bouncy balls for the boys to play with. A couple down the street brings their dogs up to see the kids every weekend and the lady behind us always has the nicest things to say. They watch our house so no tools get stolen and if we needed anything I know they would be quick to help.

Just proof that living in a upper class neighborhood with $500,000 houses doesn't mean the people who live in those houses have any type of class.

Rant Over :) I promise more pic's will come soon!

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Kristal said...

It looks great so far!! I love the backsplash and I can't wait to see the tiled floors.