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July 9, 2008

Market Watch

As with any of our other Investments I am always on market watch. Even though we plan on living in this one for awhile I still am interested in what other houses that have been listed look like and what they have sold for. Things are really looking good so far especially with the recent sale of two houses only a couple blocks down on our street. I can't help but get excited.

The first is almost exactly like our house with with a carport. It sold in 6 days for $141,970. It has a fabulous kitchen, amazing hardwood floors and some really great updates. It's bathroom is lacking and so is the curb appeal. I am super excited. Our house, when done, should measure up nicely. I also paid about $40,000 less than they did when they bought it to rehab it.

Second is the home right across from the first. Priced at $125,000 and Under Contract in 15 Days. It's pretty out dated though. If I only got $125,000 for my house I would still be happy.

We have one more house right down the next street (you can see it from our house) that is also under contract. Woohoo!

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