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July 19, 2008

Budget Check

As we hit the home stretch on the house it's time to take a look at where we are budget wise. I'm home sick today so I thought i'd take a look. This is just an estimate as a lot of extra merchandise hasn't been taken back. We have been putting almost everything on the Home Depot card with the exception of a few things but all receipts have been added up and accounted for. Here is the breakdown:

Home Depot Card Limit $12,500.00
Home Depot Card Balance $6,546.73
Total Spent on HD Card = $5,953.27

$1,509.08 total for Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops
$1,821.45 total for the Appliances (rebates have not been deducted from this total yet)
$292 for Dumpster

Total Including First House Payment and Down Payment for Insurance = $7,660.95

Budget for Timberlake House = $19,313.00
5% Buffer = $965.65
Grand Total = $20,278.65
Grand Total minus What's already been spent = $12,617.70

I'm glad to see we are so far under budget. We still have yet to touch the outside of the house. We still need to install all new windows and siding. The driveway needs to be poured and landscaping needs to be done. We also had the furnace and AC installed today and though I am not sure exactly what it's cost us yet the estimate was less than $3,500 and that included the labor. So far so good though. It really helps put my mind at ease. I have been really worried we may not have enough for the driveway and we haven't even begun to get an idea of what that may cost us. I hope it isn't too much.

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