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July 15, 2008

Weekend Re-cap

This weekend was full of relaxation and hard work. I haven't been feeling good so I initially planned on being lazy all weekend. Saturday night the kids slept over with their Nana so Josh and I decided to pig out and watch movies. We stocked up on 3 pints of Edy's Ice Cream, Hot Wings, Fried Mushrooms, Chips and Dip and Fitz's Cream Soda. I gained 5 lbs. during the movies. We rented Sweeney Todd

The Assassination of Jesse James.

I loved both movies. Both very different than what I imagined when I rented them. Jesse James was painfully long but worth it for me. I'm not sure I believe how they portrayed Jesse James in this film. As a hero, an American Celebrity of sorts who was undeserving shot down and murdered but it adds to the legend of Jesse James. His story intrigues me.

Sweeney Todd was brilliant (and bloody) and I love Tim Burton. I love all his movies and I am a devoted fan. This movie was hard to understand if you can't read lips because at times the musical portions get hard to understand. Johnny Depp and Sacha Baron Cohen were dark and comical. I'm not a gore freak by any means and Tim Burton did a wonderful job of making the blood look just real enough to gross you out but made sure you didn't forget it was fake at any moment. I would love to see this movie made into a musical.

After all the vegging out on Saturday night we drug ourselves out of bed to go work at the house. I had no plans to go but it was the day we planned on re-finishing the floors and I wanted to see how it was done. I planned on doing some gardening. Ya, right. We ended up renting TWO sanders and guess who "manned" the other one? Yep. Bre did. I'm exhausted. Everything hurts from head to toe. It's Tuesday and I still hurt. I definitely burned off all the calories I took in the night before...and then some. We also did a lot of landscaping including riding the back yard of poison ivy. Very productive weekend.

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