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July 9, 2008

Small Projects

The last few weeks have been chaos. Good chaos but chaos all the same. We have been working and working on the house. I switched offices and kick started my Real Estate career at the new office. More to follow on that. Also, my Mom, Brother and Sister came in town for a week. I also had my other Brother, his Girlfriend Kayla and my new niece Nadia here too! Whew. The house was packed but we had a lot of fun! As soon as my Mom emails me some pictures I'll post them. My camera is acting crazy so I used hers all week.

So, after all the chaos I have really been taking some quiet time. Reading, organizing etc...One of my little projects was painting the barn stars my Mom got me.



They were a Chocolate/Rusty color. Of course I had to paint them black. I lightly sanded them and then gave them a couple good coats of Rustoleum Painters Touch, Black, Semi-Gloss Paint. I really like how they turned out. Now I just have to figure out where to hang them inside and outside of the new house.

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