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July 7, 2008

Dear Cowboy,

Cow Cow, You are a huge Pain in the Ass. I wish I had the ability to speak puppy so then I could tell you so. How could such a little thing with such sweet eyes be such a terror? I have no idea.

So far you have chewed up hundreds of dollars worth of clothes, shoes and furniture including but not limited to Mercedes' $50 pair of A&F sandals, 3 pairs of my shorts, my favorite pair of black peep toe heels, a Webkinz, the corner of our Pottery Barn rug, the bottoms of the Drexil Heritage lounge chairs in the sun room and the corner of the cabinet in the kitchen. You won't stay off our bed. You won't come when your called. You have been raiding the dog food bag since you were 6 weeks old. You harass Madden constantly. You have an amazing knack for opening our trash can that we have to open with our foot and pulling out all the trash and distributing it all over the house. You refuse to let me give you a bath. You chew up your pee pads instead of peeing on them AND when you don't chew them up you pee right NEXT to them instead of ON them. You climb on our table and eat off plates and your Nana has even caught you red handed and managed to take a picture of you in action. You bark at me and run so fast you make me feel like an old lady when I try to catch you. By the end I am panting you and are yawning as if I'm so easy to beat.

You are a mess. But you are so freaking cute. Madden and Remy caught onto training fast. I only hope you will to. At this rate, you will have eaten the whole house by Christmas.

Please behave. You are driving me crazy.

Love, Momma Dog

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