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October 30, 2008

It's Almost Black Friday! Er....I mean Thanksgiving....

Black Friday is under 30 days away. Black Friday, otherwise known as the day after Thanksgiving, is the unofficial start to the Holiday Shopping Season. This year it's November 28th.

It's no secret I go every year. I get ALL my shopping done on this day with the exception of wrapping paper and stocking stuffers. Frankly I like to just be done with it. No worries, no stress. Our cars hate the cold so if something goes wrong with them I'm not worried about throwing gifts on our credit cards.

I go to bed early and get up at about 4 a.m. and head out. I wear warm clothes, tennis shoes and do not carry my purse. I put everything I need in my coat pocket that buttons. I don't grab a cart unless I know I'm going to be getting a lot of stuff at that particular store. I chat with other shoppers in line and try and make it as pleasant as possible. I do all my research beforehand and keep a small list with me. I go the night before and scour each store to find out exactly where everything is placed. If I have a question on where something will be I find someone stocking shelves and ask them nicely. Usually they are more than happy to help. Certain stores open at different times and I plan my trip accordingly. I usually go to Kohl's first because they open the earliest and JC Penney's last because they open the latest.

There is a lot of talk about the deals stores will have for us this year. Some say due to the economy this year won't be as good as years past. Some say this year will be better. I guess we will have to wait and see. I know I'm curious!

There are tons of people who do not take advantage of BF Sales each year due to the craziness. I have had very few encounters with crazy people. VERY FEW and they were mild. If you plan well, are quick on your feet and aren't going for the big ticket items like the TV's then it's rather stress free. You can go in a group and you can go alone. Lots of stores also offer online deals and bonanzas on Black Friday. Some offer online only specials that can be better than in store deals. So don't completely cross out Black Friday shopping!

Slowly BF ads are being leaked and I'll post them as I get them. You can also visit these BF websites to get your Black Friday deals:

Black Friday @ Gotta Deal

Will you be partaking in the madness this year? If you so make sure to stuff yourself with turkey and go to bed early!


Jennelle said...

Back in the day when I worked retail, we called it "Green Friday." Because of all the green we brought in. :)

N. said...

I have never shopped on Black Friday. I'm usually too stuffed and lazy to feel like shopping the day after Turkey Day!
But.. I also Christmas shop throughout the entire year. We have a box that, as we pick things up for people, we put the gifts in, that way we never misplace a gift that we may have gotten in Feb or whatever. This way the holiday buying season is way less stressful and expensive all at once.

Ryan said...
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