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October 21, 2008

Shhh....It's a Secret!

No, I'm not pregnant and my secret isn't what most would call "juicy" but I'm excited none the less.

Yesterday I spent all day cleaning everything out of the boys room prep it for it's long awaited remodel. All the toys and toy boxes have been moved to the new playroom in the basement. The only things left is their rug and their dresser. Last night we explained to them we would be locking their door for the rest of the week and they were not allowed to go in there. They didn't even ask why and my oldest said "Good, now when we get in trouble you can't send us to our room"! Ha! In the mean time they will be bunking in the office.

This has been a long time coming. We have had plans to finish the boys room since we moved in and it's been put on the back burner due to everything else that needed to be done. I'm so excited to finally get things going and I'm hoping we can be finished by next weekend. I've spent countless hours scouring catalogs, web images and ratemyspace just trying to get an idea of what to do with their room. I've found thousands of ideas for little girls but when it comes to designing a boys room all you see is the usual camo theme, western theme and the ever so popular sports theme. Nothing really stood out, with the exception of the Nautical theme. Some were awesome and very well done, most borderline tacky but none were really what I had in mind for the boys . I'm thinking a modernized, punk rock version of the Nautical theme would be perfect for the boys. Possibly with a pirate like twist.

As of now the room looks like this:

Boring huh? It's so bare it echos.

Josh is in the process of making two twin size platform beds like the one below. Whoever created the platform bed was genius! It takes care of monsters under the bed and the mess created by kids shoving things under their beds, all at one time!

The color palate we are using is almost the same as the rest of the house. Black, White, Gray and Red. I picked out a Dark Red and a Black and White pinstripe that I would like to make the curtains and a few accent pillows out of.

I'll be hand painting a few Nautical stars on the walls.

I'm hoping to find a large boat shaped bookcase like the one below and paint it white so the kids can put their toys and books in it. If I can't find a good deal on a large one I may just get a small one to hang on the wall for now.

I have to get this room done as fast as possible and for the least amount of money. That means hand painting the stars instead of ordering wall decals, hand making the curtains and pillows, finding the comforter sets on clearance, making the beds ourselves and using what the kids already have.

I can't wait to get started and hopefully they don't peek!


Jennelle said...

Right before my sister was born, my parents made me a "Big Girl" room as a surprise. I LOVED it, and I'm sure your boys will, too! :)

Mary said...

Ha ha-I love the comment about monsters under the bed. I guess a platform bed would also solve my fear of serial killer under the bed;)

I think the nautical theme will look awesome and I am eager to see it finished-especially the bookcase.

Maria said...

I can't wait to see how it turns out!!!