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October 24, 2008

Who does that?

Who steals dog food bowls out of peoples yards? Seriously. I went outside this morning to grab my dog food bowls that I put out for the dogs last night so they could munch on some leftover chicken while they were out and what do you know...they are gone! WTF? Who swipes dog food bowls? I get stealing my paper but my dogs bowls?

Honestly, I've been looking to replace them for months and no local retailer sells the type I need for a reasonable price. I have been dogs so I need big stainless steel bowls. They can't be heavy though and mine were perfect, they just had a few scratches, dents and were a little smaller than I needed.

Way to start off my day.

1 comment:

Trisha said...

It was ME. I came over bright and early this morning and stole them. I was in desperate need of some really good dog bowls. . .for my cats.


(Just trying to make you smile. hehe)