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April 12, 2009

Apparently, bad things do come in 5

So, yesterday started off pretty normal. I ran some errands and when I was finished I headed to the mall to use my NY&Co. coupon and find some new tennis shoes. I'm heading down South Bound 270 and I get in the fast lane, blinker on, and all of a sudden someone starts furiously honking at me. I look up and see a car RIGHT behind me, riding my rear and flipping me off. I can't tell if I cut him off or he was going way to fast and didn't expect me to come into that lane, he wasn't there when I looked in my side mirror though. Anyhow, He wont stop honking so I give him the finger and get back in the other lane. He then gets back behind me and cuts another driver off to do so. They honk at him and he flips them off! He rides my butt until I can get over in between two cars so he cannot go in front of or behind me. He isn't done with me yet so he comes next to me and him and the passenger (which is later revealed as his girlfriend) are throwing up their fists and screaming at me. I just start laughing. I can't help it! I couldn't believe how crazy they were acting. I keep driving and he gets behind me again. I've had it at this point so I decide to exit onto West Bound 40 and get the heck away from the psycho. He then starts to exit too but gets right next to me, they roll down the window and start screaming again, threatening to beat me up. I can't stop laughing for some reason! I don't know why I thought the whole thing was so freaking funny. That doesn't last long though because he gets behind me again and exits with me, riding my butt the whole time. I'm getting freaked out at this point. This crazy ass has taken it to another highway. This has already lasted 4 miles at least. So, as we exit onto WB 40 we both see two police officers sitting with their lights on on the side of the highway. This causes him to back WAAAAY off and I am able to get away. I got so far ahead of him that he isn't even visible anymore.

I'm safe at this point. I drive 5 miles to Chesterfield Parkway with him out of my site. I figure he turned off. I pull up to the stop light at Olive and Clarkson and sit to wait my turn to go. I look in my rear view and what the heck do I see? It's him speeding up over the hill and up to the stoplight. Now things are scary and I am FREAKING out. He pulls up next to me and slams on his breaks. I pretend I don't see him. Just as the light turn green and the car ahead of me starts to go I change lanes and go to exit East Bound on Olive and this freaking psycho accelerates, jumps two lanes and runs right into the back of me!!!!!!! He hit me so hard that my sunglasses flew off, my soda came out of my cup holder, my CD player came out of the dashboard and my phone flew from my lap to under my seat.

I am LIVID at this point. I call the cops and they already know about the incident and have someone on the way. I get out of my car, march up to his window and tell him I am going to sue the crap out of him and tell he better have insurance. His car is a mess. It's leaking liquid and steaming. He is on the phone rambling about his Mom and how she is something something, I didn't even hear what he was saying. My adrenaline was rushing and I was ready to pull him and his loud mouth girlfriend out of the car and beat the living crap out of both of them.

He starts yelling at me and I see him fumbling with his door handle while on the phone and then two men come rushing down and block him from exiting him vehicle. I think they thought he was going to attack me.

The cops come to the scene and I'm standing in the parking lot of the gas station and a lady drives up and asks me if I am ok. I have no idea at this point because I can't think straight. She says her and 5 other people saw him run right into me. I ask her to stay and give a report and she says there were 3 witnesses who have already volunteered and she would stay if she thought she was needed. I'm crying and not sure what to do. The police are talking to the witnesses and one of the witnesses sees that I am crying and calls me over. I'm shaking, terrified and crying and this man walks up to me and says "I am so sorry that happened to you, I saw him maliciously run into you with his car" and at that very instant I felt so much better. I'm all alone and scared and to hear someone say exactly what happened and offer words of encouragment meant the world to me. The officer took the witness statement and then took mine. I told him everything and was completely and totally honest with him. He asked why I didn't call police and I told him I thought the incident was over miles ago and when I saw him at the light I was trying to exit to get to the gas station for help because I grew up in the area and I knew it was a police substation. I knew that I might not make it to the Police Dept.

Meanwhile, Josh is on his way to support me. I don't even think I can drive I'm so shaken up.

As officers show up on the scene there is a lot of talking and yelling with the man who hit me. I hear that he is going to jail for endangering my life. I can't calm down though.

To make matters worse, his Mom shoes up. She flies into the parking lot, almost hitting my door to my car. She parks, get out and thrusts her finger towards me while giving me the evil eye. She starts yelling at the cops and calling me a little bitch. I don't know what her lunatic son told her but she was mad. The cops told her to shut up or she was going to jail. I laughed and thought back to how he kept talking about his mom, like she was somebody. Apparently, she wasn't anybody important :)

While all this is going on I am assigned some "muscle" as I called him (and made him laugh). He was basically a body guard to make sure the three individuals did not harm me.

Josh arrives on the scene to get pictures before the other car is towed. As he is taking pictures the girlfriend, who already took 100 pictures of my car, took more just to piss me off. I had to resist the urge to say anything to her. How freaking dare she act like that?

To make matters worse this lunatic doesn't have valid insurance. The Mom is the registered owner of the vehicle and stated there was insurance but she hadn't put the new card in. The police officer said he wanted the card by Monday morning and if they tried to avoid him he would lock them both up.

To end the story, we were advised to leave before the other 3. They wanted to make sure they didn't follow us home. I'll be getting a temp. restraining order on the driver today because all of my info will be included in the report. He didn't go to jail but he was ticked for many things. Hopefully one of which was endangering me, if not, I'll also press charges. I'll find out today what he was ticketed for and decide if I need to press charges then.

We are hiring a lawyer if we find out she doesn't have valid insurance but we are hoping that she does. I'll sue her because she is the responsible owner and didn't provide valid insurance on her vehicle and him for what he did.

I have a doctors appointment today. I have whiplash and headaches and I need to get everything checked out. I couldn't sleep last night because my neck hurt so bad.

I still can't believe this happened.


LC said...

Oh my God, Brea! What a horrible and terrifying story. I would have been so so scared! First of all, I am so glad that you are ok! That is what is most important. I think that a restraining order sounds like a good idea. What a complete psycho!!?! UCK...I hate people sometimes. Keep us posted. Seriously, I would press charges...asshole...

Angie said...

OMG that is insane!!! Did you ever find out why he was apparently so pissed at you? I would totally press charges. I'm so glad that the witnesses backed up your story. What a total loony tunes. Do you have a lot of damage? I hope they have insurance so you don't have to pay for that assholes mistake.

Jenny.Lee said...

OMG I am so glad you are ok. That is absolutely insane! What is wrong with people!

Anonymous said...

OMG, what a friggin Asshole, crazy, freak..I can go on & on! What the f@ck!?!?!

I'm soooo sorry you went through this, but am glad you're okay!


Anonymous said...

That is so crazy! What a jerkoff. I hope you press charges. That guy deserves to pay severely for what he did. Who does that stuff? What a psycho. He should be forced into anger management too.

Anonymous said...

Brea, that is absolutely freaking insane. I would be scared out of my mind...did you ever find out what pissed them off in the first place? How crazy. People are so STUPID.

First of all, I would definitely press charges. Second of all, I work for a personal injury lawyer. Let me know if you need a rec. :)

Amber said...

OMG bizarre. I mean I've heard of road rage but that is ridiculous. You shouldn't have to feel threatened and/or physically harmed like that ever! I'm so sorry this happened to you

Maria said...

Brea, I hope that asshole (and his gf & momma) all go to jail. I was pissed for you as I read your story. What a complete d-bag. I'm glad you are okay!!!

Cecilia said...

Holy crap! Scary! That guy needs a one way ticket to the looney bin. I hope you are feeling better.

Trisha said...

Holy SHITE!! I can't believe you had to go through that. How scary!!! :(

I'm glad that he didn't hurt you any more than he did (whiplash and stuff). What a psycho!! He needs help. I can't believe that he didn't get arrested. I would be LIVID that he didn't get arrested!!!! He deserves to spend a little while behind bars!!!!

I'm glad that you're okay!

Aimee said...

That is crazy! The guy sounds insane. I'm glad you're ok!