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April 10, 2009

Harper's Island Episode One

Harper's Island Episode One "Whap"

After each Episode I'll share my thoughts on the show.

My thoughts and feelings are mixed but I'm definitely hooked. 12.7 Million viewers tuned in for the series premiere. 10 minutes into the first Episode someone was already dead but we only had one death from the Main Character List.

Who was Killed?

Uncle Marty: He was panning out to be one of my favorite characters so I was sad to see him go. So gruesomely I might add. What was with the gun and money? Will this come into play later?

Ben Wellington: At first I was not 100% convinced it was Cousin Ben, there was was a screen shot and zoom of the phone when Trish called him but the phone didn't light up or ring...possibly because he was underwater... Also, I had yet to see a picture of "Ben". Even though we get an up close shot of his face, I had nothing to compare it to. I am hearing that Harry Hamlin has confirmed it was indeed Ben who was mutilated under the boat.

Some clues I picked up from the show:
*The man watching Abby at the "Tree of Woe". It might have been her Father. I've been hearing reports the item in the hand may have been a shotgun or head spade. If it was a head spade this is very telling as Harbor Master Cullen was killed with a head spade and hung in the Tree of Woe. Also, head spades are primarily used for cutting up Whales. Interesting.

*The suba tank on the hotel luggage cart was a huge clue. Did it belong to whoever killed the first victim? Is the killer staying in the hotel?

*The mysterious phone Abby received that played the song "Ave Maria".

*We learned that Abby Mills found her Mother hanging from the "Tree of Woe" 7 years ago.

*The Ghost and the little Girl. The child, Madison, is creepy for sure. Trying to burn a snail and making all types of weird comments. The most telling is when she rips of the tag for the gift bag and the name on the tag was Ben's. She gives me the chills. Is the ghost Wakefield? Is it Abby's mother and is she talking to the little girl and posting newspaper articles in Abby's room? Was this a warning or just a reminder?

The episode is over and so many questions unanswered. What is Abby's issue with her Father in the one I hope will get cleared up next week.

Also, here is a synopsis of the first episode from

I've been careful not to make any conclusions on who the Killer may be or even attempt at a guess this early in as to not cloud my view as this series progresses.

What did you think of the show? Loved it? Hated it? Not sure?


Angie said...

I LOVED your synopsis. I tivod it and want to watch it again cause I feel like I missed some important things. I had forgotten about the tank being at the bottom of the luggage cart and some other clues that you mentioned. I'm gonna go join Harper's Globe I think it is, that has additional info on the show. I'm super excited to watch this show!

Heather said...

I agree with Angie. I love your synopsis. It helped with things that I missed in the show. I really liked and I am interested to see how the season goes. Right now I am interested to see about Trish and Hunter Jennings.

mom said...

I am going to watch the first episode again tonight and pay more attention to the clues that you mentioned. I didn't tell you today that I missed about 3 or 4 minutes of the show because my tivo didn't record how Abby got to the tree. I only saw the groom leading her away from the tree. It freaked me out a little. That has never happened before.
Love, Mom