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April 10, 2009

Friday Musings & Updates

The weekend is almost here! We have so much going on right now. I don't even know where to begin.

This Sunday is Easter and the kids are super excited. We have tons of eggs to dye and I need to get my butt in gear and get some baskets made. If the weather is nice we are going to take the kids to the Creve Coeur Lake Egg Hunt. Donations benefit Good Shephard School for Children. The Kids Hunt is at noon and the Adult Hunt is at 5. How will you be spending your Easter Weekend?

This funky weather is really messing with me. Nice weather one day and crappy the next. It's driving me up the wall. The first day of nice spring weather I mowed the lawn and cleaned debri out of the yard leftover from the Fall and Winter months. I power washed the driveway and did some weeding and then the rain came and set my plans back. I have so much to do so this rain needs to go away. I need to re-seed the yard so my lawn can look better than my neighbors . Yes, I'm one of those people who has to make sure her lawn is greener, more plush and lush than everyone elses and works tirelessly to accomplish that. I saw my neighbor had a lawn company truck out last month! I almost threw a fit. I knew it was too early but it got me thinking maybe it wasn't...maybe he knew something I didn't. I know I'm psycho, I need help.

My younger Brother is undergoing tons of tests right now. He has been sick for years and has gone without treatment. He recently moved, along with his Fiance and my niece, back home to Washington and since he has been home has visited the doctor at least a half a dozen times and even one trip to the emergency room. He has had every blood test and scan you can imagine and we still don't have an answer. We have heard everything from Colon Cancer to Chrohn's to IBS and ulcers. I'm so worried about him. He is 3 years younger than me and I'm very protective of him. We are hoping to know more by Tuesday when he goes back in for another test.

The appraisal was done Wednesday. It went better than expected. We were warned ahead of time that they would not be taking the fact that we had the siding ready to go on the house into consideration but they did! This is huge because it was a huge value deduction not to have that up. Now we are listed as having vinyl siding and are comperable to the other houses in our neighborhood. The appraiser wasn't here very long. He took a long list of all the updates and a few pictures and chatted a minute. Josh made a bold move and asked him if he thought we may be in the $130's range and he said absolutley. If we appraise out at $130,000 at minimum we would have $50,000 of equity in our home. 80% of which we can cash out to pay off all our personal debt. We are hoping to hear back from them today. My stomach will be in knots until we do.

I've had an itch to do something crazy with my hair. Every couple years I get this itch. I either want to go blonde or multi-colored or chop it all off. A few years ago I went Blonde, then Black and then chopped it off. I hated all three. I finally got my hair to grow out to the middle of my back. My newest itch is to go Burgundy. My hair already has a burgundy/red hue. It's subtle until you look at it in the sunshine. It won't be so far off from what I am not but I think it may be the change I have been itching for.

Have a Good Weekend!


Jennelle said...

I hope the tests help the doctors treat your brother... My younger sister's disease went misdiagnosed for years. It's scary.

Our yard is calling out for help as well. Tomorrow and Sunday are supposed to be nice, so we've got friends coming over to help.

Together We Save said...

I hpe the weather levels off soon. Beautiful yesterday and tornados today. Crazy.

Angie said...

I'm totally with you on the lawn thing. last year I was obsessed, I took a soil sample to the botanical garden and made all the ammendments they recommended. Then I got it aerated and dethatched. I fertilize it and weed and feed it and go nuts when I see weeds in it, which is all the time. We have zoisia which is a warm season grass.
Also I really hope your bro gets help. How scary that no one has been able to figure it out. I love the show mystery diagnosis. Sounds like he may be a candidate for that show.
What did you think about Harper's???

LC said...

Oh no...I hope that they can figure out what is going on with your brother!

Boyd Team said...

Thank You so much for the Well Wishes for my Brother! I really appreciate it. I'm so worried about him.