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April 1, 2009

Crossing Our Fingers!

We are in the agonizing process of re-financing our home. Buying isn't new to us and selling isn't either but re-financing is a whole different game. Especially in this market. We made the decision about a couple months ago to re-fi instead of sell and it's been such a long process. Something we have never experienced before. So far not having lived in the home a year is the only thing holding us back. It's a requirement when your going stated income and Josh and I are both indipendent contractors and business owners. We just keep hearing "We need to see that you have lived in the home a year" and "We're sorry this is our only hurdle, come back in May. It's only a few months" blah blah blah. We'll we finally found someone who didn't require this and was willing to bring out interest rate down 5% below what it is now. The appraisal is set for Wednesday!! Closing the week after!

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping and praying that everything works out ok!


Anonymous said...

Exciting! My fingers are crossed for you (and my toes too!).

Cecilia said...

How nerve racking!! I will keep my fingers crossed for ya.