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April 2, 2009

Target Diet Pepsi Deal

If you printed out your B2G1 Free Flavored Diet Pespi12 pack coupons to use at Walgreen's this week and like me have found that either Wags doesn't carry the flavored Diet Pepsi or wasn't stocked, use them at Target. It's a better deal anyway!

The 29th through the 4th Target has 12 pack Pepsi Products on Sale 5 for $15 with a FREE $5.00 Gift Card. To make this deal work you have to buy all Diet Products 2 of which have to be flavored. The flavors are Wild Cherry, Vanilla, Lime and Lemon.

Buy 6 12 packs for $3.00 each (sale price) = $18.00
*Receive $5.00 Gift Card = $13.00
*Use 2 B2G1 coupons (will take off $6.00) = $7.00

Final Price = 6/$7 or $1.17 a pack (or $.10 a can)

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Trisha said...

YAY, another player! =)

Your letter is "N". :)