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April 29, 2009

Harpers Island Episode Three

Harper's Island Episode Three "Ka-Blam"

Could this post be any later? I wanted to post this earlier in the week/weekend but someone (wont mention any names...Mom) hadn't watched the episode yet. Then I completely forgot! Oh well, here we go.

Who was Killed?

Hunter Jennings: Hunter was killed by a booby trapped engine compartment on the boat. It was rigged with a shot gun and when he opened it, Ka Blam! He was shot in the head. I was shocked that hunter died this way. I was glad to see him go though.

Some clues I picked up from the show:

*We now know who the tattoo belonged to. Kelly and it seemed to be one of many attributed to John Wakefield. We also learn her ex-boyfriend Shane gave her the tattoos.

*It was indeed Uncle Marty's bag in the boat with Hunter....but how did he get it?

*The shotgun that was used to kill Hunter was from the Candlewick Inn. Another link back to the killer possibly staying at the Inn.

*The boat was rigged to stall or run out of gas....Henry worked with and grew up with boats. Interesting....

*There was a gun on the bed in the Wellington suite in the scene with Richard and Katherine.

Also, here is a synopsis of the third episode from

Here is a preview for the Fourth Episode:

"Bang" will be the fourth episode of Harper's Island, and is scheduled to be broadcast on May 2, 2009.

The official CBS summary reads: "The groomsmen take Henry Dunn fishing for his bachelor party and make a gruesome discovery. The bridesmaids celebrate Trish Wellington's final days as a bachelorette with a psychic who has a very strong reaction to Abby Mills".

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