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April 23, 2009

Things are looking up!

But, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. I'm hoping things can get back to normal soon because I'm not sure we can take anymore stress. For now though, things are getting much better.

Police Investigation revealed the driver had active insurance on the vehicle. Or should I say his mother did. At that age, who'd mother carries insurance on their son's vehicle? His girlfriend should be so proud of her boyfriend. What a winner!

I've been dealing with the insurance company for the last week. At times, I want to pull my hair out. This is a public blog so we wont get to far into it but the bottom line is they have accepted responsibility for the accident. My car went from being looked at by a rep for the company, then to my mechanic and is now sitting at a transmission company. So far my exterior damage is $1,800.00, not bad considering I was hit by a boat. I'm proud of my Honda!

Until, my car is finished being looked at by the mechanic they gave me this zippy little Mazda 5 to drive around. My car has an upgraded/faster engine so I'm used to getting up and going and when I first walked out and saw this, I couldn't help but think "Oh great, a grandma car". No way!

I'll be sad to return it but I can't wait to settle the accident portion of my claim.

As for the injury portion, I've hired an attorney to settle this. The insurance company is not taking me serious and I'm not letting it slide. I wont even get in to their offer because we are no where near settlement but it was a HUGE smack in the face after all the pain and stress I went through re-guarding the accident.

I also have news on the house but I'll save that for later post :)


The Pink Cupcake said...

We actually just bought a Mazda 5 just like the one in the pic. I love it! I kinda forget I'm driving a van-like vehicle until I look in the rearview mirror

Jenny.Lee said...

I'm so glad things are looking better! Those people need to pay!

Amy said...

My accident was last April and we haven't even settle yet. I was hit by two cars, and one company settled for not what we wanted but it was eihter we take that or they go bankrupt. My med bills are about $30,000 right now...and my back is still effed up.Plus, i work for the state so they are requesting that money gets paid back....

I just wanted to say it was a good idea to get an attorney because their insurance co's like to screw you. After getting phone calls from the progressive agent for months, i finally got an attorney (he wanted to give us $500 and settle right away, um, right) and when the attorney told him that i was still having pain, he goes, 'oh that isn't good."

good luck, it's not fun but it's worth it.