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April 21, 2009

Harper's Island Episode Two

Harper's Island Episode Two "Crackle"

I had to watch this episode 4 times to get every little piece of info out of it I could.

Who was Killed?

Two out of three killed in this episode were main characters.

Reverend Fain:
I did NOT see this one coming! He was caught in a snare and beheaded with the head spade. Who is going to marry the Bride and Groom now? if they do get married...

Kelly Seaver: She was hung in her home and discovered by Nikki Bolton. I knew after the bathroom scene she would be next. After all, she told Abby she saw John Wakefield. She clearly had a death wish. Was it suicide though? Doubt it.

Lucy Daramour: I predicted she would be one of the next to go. I wasn't at all surprised. She falls in a pitfall and was lit of fire and burned to death. Horrid! The episode title "crackle" obviously foreshadowed some type of fire.

Some clues I picked up from the show:

*My Mom pointed this one out to me. Did you see Abby's Mom open her eyes when hanging from the Tree of Woe? Weird!!!

*I didn't pick this up from the show but rather It has been confirmed that Henry Dunn: The Groom was on scene when the murder and burning of the two responding deputies took place. He cared for the two deputies one of which later died (Aiken).

*The matchbox used to light the fire to kill Lucy is from The Candlewick Inn.

*Who is leaving candles on Wakefield's grave?

*The head spade missing from the Maritime Museum. We knew this was coming but I had no idea Trish used to work there...

*Henry's parents are dead. HarpersGlobe bloggers are reporting seeing the last name "Dunn" as one of Wakefield victims in the newspaper article.
NOTE: I am hearing reports that this article may have been printed to soon in the show and was reprinted later and shouldn't a credible source of info. Not sure yet though.

*JD Dunn is making himself look really guilty. The blood on his hands, the dead deer and the deer head in the Bride and Grooms suite. Neither of which could have been done by him though. I'm interested to see where the blood came from. Also, all that medication on his dresser....Wonder what that was all about.

* says that the message on the window of the truck in the woods was from the Killer. Interesting.

*The Killer has Uncle Marty's phone.

The biggest question I have. Who were all the Wakefield survivors besides Deputy Harkin? Also, The Dunn's and Wakefield are from Tacoma. Coincidence?

And who's "Tree of Woe" tattoo is this?

Here is a map of Harper's Island

Also, here is a synopsis of the second episode from

Did you see anything I didn't? What was your take on this weeks episode?

Here is a preview for the Third Episode.
Ka-Blam will be the third episode of Harper's Island, and is scheduled to be broadcast on April 23, 2009.

The official CBS summary reads: "When a local girl’s death is ruled a suicide, Abby Mills challenges her father, the Sheriff Charlie Mills, to investigate what really happened. As the wedding approaches, Trish Wellington must come to a decision about Hunter Jennings."


Jenny.Lee said...

Apparently I am completely missing something. Is this the summer show that's on tv right now?

Boyd Team said...

Jenny Lee - It's Harper's Island on CBS. It's the "Mystery Event" CBS has been talking about for the last few months.

If you'd like to catch up on episodes go to They play entire episodes on the site.

kelse593 said...

the "tree of woe" tattoo is kelly's. she is obsessed with wakefield and the murders which is why she has multiple tattoo's associated with the murders and a tattoo that also says "John Wakefield John Wakefield come back for me" which we also see while the doctor is examining her after her death.