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April 2, 2009

Bad Things Come in 3....or 5....or 10

I am starting to believe the old saying that "bad things come in three".

A few weeks ago week we had yet another Sewage Back up in our basement. We knew it was coming. We've had this backup twice since we moved in but a 75 foot snake is proving to not be enough. The massive trees in our yard surround the pipes and they are packed with roots. Another $100 to have someone come out and snake it. Then we have to wait on Maryland Heights to come rip my yard apart just in time for Summer. Fun. Not so bad by itself though, right?

Then on the night of the 11th my husband was involved in an accident. His first accident I might add. At about 8:00 pm he was traveling west bound in the far right lane on Olive. An elderly lady (84 to be exact) driving a van ran her solid green (left turn yield) light.. There was nothing he could do but slam on his breaks and brace himself. Had he veered left he would have hit her harder, had he veered right he would have jumped the sidewalk and into a gas station parking lot. Needless to say they hit. The air bags deployed and my husband had to crawl out of his window. Both vehicles are totaled. She swore up and down she had a green arrow. My husband said he vividly remembered bracing himself, slamming on the breaks and looking up at his light. Green! There was no doubt in his mind. Thankfully, there were 2 cars sitting behind the woman waiting for their turn to go and were able to back up Josh's story. They were both hurt but not severly. They were both very lucky!

And because this post is worthless without some pictures :) ...

Then this week Josh received a ticket for not displaying his license plate correctly in my car (I have it in the windshield) and no proof of insurance because he couldn't find my card before the officer could write the ticket. Jerk cop. Give him a freaking minute! 2 tickets. So Josh finds the card as the officer is driving away and then proceeds to take it up to the station and see if there was anything he could do, they were unbelievably rude to him. He just can't catch a break.

Now on to me. It never fails I always have to make matters worse. So, I admit freely I'm not the best driver when I'm by myself. When I'm by myself I get to listen to my Mommy music that no one else likes with the windows rolled down (because no one likes that either) and I hit up the fast lane and cruise! I was listening to some Adele and apparently cruising a little too fast because a cop clocked me going 74 in a 60 on 270. Shame on me! $60 ticket. Ouch.

Would the world like to throw anything else at as? One more maybe?


LC said...

OH NO! I am so glad that he is ok. I am so sorry that these things are happening to you :( Things are bound to look up soon!

Trisha said...

OUCH! That does NOT look pretty!

I don't think you deserve anything else. I think it is time you got a break!!!!

Angie said...

I agree with Trisha, that really blows. At least there were witnesses to his accident. I love older people but I really think there should be a law that they can't drive over 80. ug.