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April 7, 2009

Brought to you by the Letter N

I saw this post on Trisha's Blog about the Alphabet Game. You are given a letter and have to come up with 10 of your favorite things that start with that letter. I thought it looked fun so I asked for a letter and she gave me "N". Thanks for being easy on me Trish ;)

1. Nieces - I was blessed with 3 beautiful nieces this past year. Nadia, Nevaeh and Triniti. 3 beautiful little girls with different personalities. Their sweet smiling face make my heart melt! Here is a picture of Nadi or also known as Naughty:

2. Naps - We all know why this is at the top of my list! I don't get enough of them but they are cherished.

3. Nail Polish - On my toes. I only wear it on my nails about a dozen times a year because I wear a clear coat daily. However, my toes are a different story. I change my color at least twice a week and I'm a freak for the dark colors.

4. New Shoes - What woman does not love getting new shoes? The excitement of taking them out of the box and wearing them out for the first time. Oh, I love it. I'd seriously consider selling my soul for these Christian Louboutin's. Just Kidding.

5. Non-Fat Vanilla Latte from Starbucks - The Cinnamon Dolce comes in second. Yes, the very believer of not paying enormous amounts of money for her coffee has entered the dark side. A couple months ago I was given a few more work hours on Tuesday and Thursday. I arrived early my first Tuesday and my work wasn't ready to be picked up so I wandered over to Starbucks. I hadn't been to Starbucks since December and I don't think I even remember what I got....So, I told the Barista to give me whatever she thought was best for someone on a diet with a need for a quick caffeine kick. She handed me a Skinny Vanilla Latte. Mmm...Heaven. Now I have made it a ritual to stop in every Tuesday and Thursday.

6. Novels - I love to read and have since I was young. Books have always been an escape for me. I like to curl up with my book at the end of the day and let myself drift off. I love my marathon reading sessions where I'll read an entire book in a day. I could spend hours in a book store just wandering around looking at books. The feeling when you purchase a new book in fabulous. The crisp clean pages and the glossy cover. Even the smell of a new book is wonderful.

7. Nature - I'm a bare feet, outdoors kind of girl. Growing up I rarely played inside. I remember making forts with my Brother, climbing trees and playing in the dirt. We went camping, on hikes, swam in lakes and rivers. We enjoyed the great outdoors to the fullest. The flowers, trees, scenic views and weather are all a love of mine.

8. NARS Makeup - My love of NARs started when I was given a Sephora Gift Card with no idea what to buy. I needed blush and found the perfect color, Dolce Vita. I've since fallen for their Lip Stain and Glosses and most recently the Bronzer. NAR's is my guilty pleasure that I rarely indulge in.

9. Night Sky - The dark you can't see through, the brilliant colors, the moon and the constellations. Here is a pic of Seattle at night. It almost looks unreal.

10. New Year - The end of one year and the beginning of the next. So many feelings come with a new year from the excitement of what the new year will bring to sadness that the previous year has ended. As each new year comes we reflect on the past year while we plan for the future. I celebrate each and every New Year because to me it symbolizes a completion of one year. Like, Hell yeah, we made it through it!

So, that's my list! By now this game has made it's rounds already but if it hasn't made it to you then feel free to ask for a letter. I'll be easy on you, I promise. No Z's or Q's ;)


Maria said...

Love that picture of Nadi. I also heart naps and those gorgeous shoes!!

Jennelle said...

I love dark nail polish!

Chthonox said...

I'd love to have a letter!

Trisha said...

I finally got to read this one!

Great list. :)